My 5 Favorite Booty Exercises Ever

Published on: by Jeremy

Today I want to give you my favorite exercises for the butt:)

1.  Hill Sprints

For the beginner it should be hill walks:)  

The more advanced person can do faster hill sprints after a good dynamic warm up and some slower sprints.

When it comes to hill sprints a word of cation is in order.  

Not very many are needed to increase speed and power.  

I like hills that take 10-30 seconds to conquer and I like to do between 3-6 work sets.  

My belief is when speed decreases by 20% or more it is time to stop for the day.

There is a hill by my house and it is a beast:)  Watch below

2.  Prowler or sled pushing

I love this is because most people can do it safely.

It the weight can be adjusted to use for maximal strength or for speed work.  

This is great for athletes to improve their conditioning as well.

3.  The squat or the deadlift.

Yes they are different exercises and different ways of doing them.  

I personally love the trap bar deadlift and use it on a regular basis.

 Before someone starts loading up the bar they should be able to do a proper bodyweight squat and bodyweight deadlift.

4.  Jumping, bounding, and other bodyweight exercise.

Most people do repetitive amounts of plyometric exercise.

Landings need to be great to protect the body from injury even with moderate plyometric activity.

When I think of plyometrics it should be to increase the strength that is already there.  

I like to make sure the person has proper technique and is prepared for these type of high intensity things.

5.  Lunges

There are so many lunge variations out there.

Side Lunge

Back Lunge

Forward Lunge

Isometric Lunge

Lunge Jump

and so on the list goes.

Comment below your favorite leg exercise or which do you like the best from the list above!


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