The Problem With Fitness??

Now for those that know me best understand I am not saying people should not workout.

I am however saying there are some things to keep in mind.

1.  Adequate recovery is just as important as the workout.


2.  You must believe you can accomplish whatever goal you want and those goals should be challenging but realistic.


3.  Being fit and healthy is 100% nutrition and 100% fitness.  If it was 90% nutrition then I could just sit all day and eat healthy which would be better than doing neither but the truth is both are equally important in my opinion.


4.  I would rather someone workout twice a week with gradual progression versus someone who loses 30lbs in three months and stops forever.


5.  Everyone should have a basic understanding between anaerobic and aerobic exercise.  After this then base your goals on that.


6.  Please do more than only run!  Work on other training modalities and programs.


7.  Get support from the right people and show those that think you can’t or won’t do it… You will!


8.  If you have bought some legitimate devices from an infomercial use them.


9.  There is not magic pill if there is please let me in on it.


10.  Do not buy into the myths of fitness such as “high reps tone”, “crunches get rid of stomach fat”, “do not eat after x time”, “women get bulky from weights”, and so on.


Your Express Fitness Coach,

Jeremy Belter

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