Featured Express Fitness Blog Camper is Robyn.

1. What was your life like before training with me?

Before I started training, I was not in a good place physically or mentally,  I had reached an all time high in terms of weight and an all time low in terms of how I felt about myself, I hated to have my picture taken and shopping for clothes was simply depressing.   I felt stressed and tired most of the time and couldn’t find the motivation on a day to day basis to make some needed changes.  I felt that I was going to have to spend a couple of hours a day at the gym to have an impact and with a job that typically has me working some long days and traveling, the thought of being at the gym that long was de-motivating.   I was also dealing with knee problems, I have lost cartilage in one knee, my weight was contributing to additional pain and discomfort there. 
2. What were you skeptical about before joining ?
I wouldn’t say I was skeptical, because I was truly ready to make a change, so I was open minded going into it. I would say that I was a litte  apprehensive about making an investment that wouldn’t pay off,  I had tried some other methods to lose weight and they didn’t last in the long run.    At first,  I did question being able to get a good workout in a short amount of time,  that was against everything I knew previously as a former high school and college athlete. 

3. What SPECIFIC results did you achieve?


 I have been at this for just over a year, and I have lost about 50 lbs, 3 pant sizes and 2 shirt sizes.  My body fat % has dropped quite a bit since the start.   What I am able to do in regards to my knee problems is a big change, by building the muscle to support the knee, I can do excercises that I frankly thought I wouldn’t ever be able to do again. 
4. What’s your life like now?
I have found that I have more energy in general and sleep better, stress doesn’t weight me down in the same way it used to.  Instead of making excuses for not eating right and not excercising, it is now a priority and I have made it routine, because I don’t want to un-do all the work that I have done and the results that I have gotten.   I definitely have a more positive outlook than I did before, while it is nice to have people notice the weight loss, to enjoy shopping for clothes again, or not minding having my picture taken, ultimately, the change in how I feel about myself has been the biggest benefit. 

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