The Toe Shoe

The Toe Shoe

Fad Or Functional?

Today lets take a look at the toe shoes that are popping up all over the place.

Is this just another fitness fad or is this a functional, helpful pair of shoes?

I have seen fitness professionals and others wearing these shoes for awhile and thought it was a fad at first.

Overtime though I had been reading and hearing the benefits of this shoe.

A few weeks back I heard a presentation and I knew I wanted or maybe even needed a pair.







What has the experience been?

1.  My feet feel great when wearing them.

2.  My toes are spreading apart.

3.  I can feel my feet getting stronger.

4.  They are light and seem durable thus far.

What are the negatives?

1.  They must be kept clean because socks are not worn.

2.  They can be hard at first to get on to your toes.

3.  They are not super inexpensive but are worth the price.

4.  They have made my feet itch.

5.  They look funny but for me it is function not looks!

Below are two longer articles on toe shoes. Please check with your doctor before getting the toe shoes for yourself!

Functional Rating






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