Foam Roller

The Foam Roller 

Fad or Functional?

The foam roller has been around for awhile now but is becoming more popular among fitness professionals and at gyms.

Many times though the foam roller is used for exercise itself or they just sit in a corner.

I know that I have had my doubts with the foam roller but over the last few years those doubts are completely gone!

The benefit of using the foam roller are

1.  Getting rid of “tight” muscles

2.  Reducing muscle soreness

3.  Helps recovery from exercise

4.  Helps performance in workouts

5.  Decreases the likelihood of injury

The disadvantages if you can call them that

1.  You have to pay for one but it is well worth it

2.  It takes a little of your time but it is well worth it for further reading.

Personally we recommend the grid because it does not indent or lose it structure and it works awesome.

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