7 Holiday Tips to Prevent Packing on the Pounds

Avoiding holiday weight gain is not impossible but it is challenging.  I want to make it as easy as possible for you to avoid gaining weight, going up in sizes, and giving up your routine this holiday season.  Here are your tips:

1.) Keep up with an exercise routine.  

Exercise becomes even more important if your eating habits get worse.  And lets all admit it 90% of us eat worse during the Holidays.  If you are currently not exercising you might want to start now.  Take it slow but add activity in to avoid the weight gain this year.

2.) Eat often and eat some good foods especially protein and fiber foods.

This one tip could save you this Holiday.  I am not against eating any “bad food” for most that would not be realistic.  In fact you should instead focus on getting in some healthy foods everyday during the holiday.  This will curb your appitite. Especially if you are eating protein and fiber foods.  Focus on getting fruits, veggies, lean meats, meal replacement bars and shakes.

3.)  Drink water

Water competes for space in your stomach and truly helps decrease appetite. For every plate you eat, try to drink at least 1-2 glasses of water. After that second plate, when you have 1 full liter of water in your stomach, I bet you might just throw in the towel!  If you need something to add to water try some tea or crystal light.

4.) Eat slow especially during those big sit down meals

I fyou eat to fast you will eat more food.  By eating slower you help the brain realize when the stomach is full.  By doing this you might avoid some uneeded sugar and fat calories.

5.)  Get rid of guilt

Nobody is perfect and we all slip up during the holidays.  If and when this happens start over and forget the past.  So many people will eat more out of this guild and it becomes a terrible cycle.  Please do not fall into this trap just start fresh and guilt free.

6.) Limit liquid calories including alcohol.

Just by cutting juices, soday, and alcohol during the holida season you can save yourself a ton of calories.  For example lets say you are going to have 500 of liquid calories a day for one month.  This would add up to 15,000 calories by the end of the month.  If you cut that number down to 200 that would be 6000 calories for the month.  Whatever number it comes out to limit alcohol and fruit juices alone will help you keep the weight off!

7.) Try using sugar subsitutes and other healthy alternatives.  

There are so many ways to cut calories and change unhealthy food to good or even great foods.  For example when making pie use stevia or other low calorie alternatives.  Drink tea instead of soda.  Focus on using the best ingredients when baking and making foods.  Trust me it does not make foods taste that different.  Plus ask yourself “is it worth it to make these little changes?”

There you have 7 tips to help you this holiday season

Jeremy Belter

There are three things Jeremy is more passionate about than anything:

1. Seeing people, like you, transform their lives through new, healthier habits and routines.
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His motto is to grow in faith, create freedom, and progress in fitness excellence.

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