Can You Do To Much Cardio?

So I was in the club today and someone said “I lost 15lbs in 2 weeks”

This seems awesome and trust me I want to be happy for him.
But I have seen this over and over again.
I am worried for him.
People lose weight to fast by doing something excessive and gain all the weight back and more.
Ask yourself these questions:
How much muscle did he lose?
Is his metabolism faster?
Can he maintain this forever?
What is the key to long term weight loss?
And after I said “you might be doing too much cardio“
He said “you can NEVER do to much cardio!”
I could not believe what I was hearing.
I truly felt said and disappointed for this person.
Why?  Because we had discussed in detail the
The truth is most people do way to much cardio and not enough strength training.
The truth is most people are in the gym way to long and never see results.
The truth is cardio is NOT the key to long term weight loss.
Trying to lose weight through cardio alone leads to failure.
I am not saying cardio is not important but I am saying that it is overused.
Jeremy Belter

There are three things Jeremy is more passionate about than anything:

1. Seeing people, like you, transform their lives through new, healthier habits and routines.
2. Seeing businesses within the Fitness and Wellness industry growing and thriving, despite potentially adverse conditions of the market.
3. His Christian faith, which drives him to increase his talents to help as many others as he can.

Jeremy works tirelessly to educate, empower and envision his clients, helping them create everything God made them to be.

His motto is to grow in faith, create freedom, and progress in fitness excellence.

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