Discover How to Make Fitness Resolutions Really Work

Over the last five years, I have helped countless people get in the best shape of their life, lose fat, and become fit. The Truth is I know the secrets to get rid of ugly, nonproductive fat. The reason for this is because of my FAT BLASTING SYSTEM which is guaranteed to help you get fit, and increase your metabolism. I have helped enough people get fit to understand that this system does indeed work. I have used this system for my own fat loss as shown below. This is about you and your goals and I am going to share with you the TRUTH before you even contemplate starting this program.

I am not going to beat around the bush here. What is the secret? You might be thinking it is the program. This is only part of it because trust me there are other programs that do work. Is it a great program? Of Course!

What then is the true secret to success? It is motivation to stick with the program and follow a well designed system(plan). Let me go into more detail about what clients need to ask themselves before starting this program.

Before I begin I have to let you know something really is frustrating. Many people do not believe in the power of goal setting. I am constantly hearing vague, unproductive, and somewhat worthless goals. If you do not believe in goal setting and the profound effect specific, tangible, challenging goals can have for you… Well this is not going to work for you.

There are some people that believe that they can just lose weight without a lifestyle change and goal setting. Unfortunately, these people just don’t get it and frankly if you are one of those people, please do us both a favor and stop reading this article and go buy another useless weight loss book or pill because I simply cannot do anything for you. I can only help people who want to learn and take action. For those that know it all and our not willing to get the help they need please do not inquire about this program. The bottom line is that the most successful people out there, and I mean not just weight loss success, and all other areas are very goal driven. They know specifically what they want, by what date, and how to accomplish it. They are planners and achievers. These lessons can be taught but you must be willing to get help. My sincere desire is to teach this right NOW!

Step One- Why is this a goal in the first place?

It is time to get started and get real. In almost every initial consult I do, when I ask why they have contacted me today, here is the typical blanket response that I first hear:

“I want to be healthy and fit”

Almost everyone wants this, but why are doing it? What is your INSPIRATION? What will keep you going when it is challenging? What will make you stick with it so that success is your only option? I have had consults with others who were overweight, bad back, knees, lots of health concerns and perfect examples of those who need help. Many times the response is “I am going to do it on my own” With vague goals, no and no real why. I am telling you this to be truthful and to help not to be mean.

So what is going to keep you motivated to get up for an early workout? What is going to give you the results you want? What are you willing to invest in yourself to make your life better? These are all questions that need to be answered before success can happen.

Let’s face it: everybody, including YOU, wants to look better naked. After the laugh you realize it’s true and frankly that’s okay because the desire to improve one’s appearance is a powerful motivator. You feel better, look better, and honestly many areas of your life improve. Some of the results include more energy, more productivity, more confidence and so on.

So, after some questioning, I find out their real fears and ambitions. Some people want to be able to mow the lawn in the summer with their shirt off and not feel self-conscious. Many want to fit into those old clothes. Still others never want o have another embarrasing moment that they have had in the past. If you have had one you know what I am talking about.

Then there are those who want to look and feel more attractive to ignite some passion back into their relationships and/or put for their best image at work. Still others want to get ready for a cruise, wedding, reunion or some other big event. Wanting to get as lean and tight as possible to rock that dream bathing suit in Mexico, or get off the plane in California when visiting family you haven’t seen in two years to blow them away with your new body, or being a classic beauty in your wedding dress on the big day, it all works! This is the stuff that gets people stoked and ready to commit to making some real changes. How do I know? Well, I just shared with you verbatim the exact “WHY’S” of some of my own clients.

So, the first thing you have to figure out is your personal WHY. To make this even simpler for you, just answer this question: what are your physical dreams? Once you establish this, everything else is much easier.

Step Two- The What and When: A real deadline with specific motivating goals

So we already figured out the obvious: you want to look better and maximize your looks! So, now we need to establish what objective goal(s) need to be accomplished in order to realize this subjective dream.

Well, from a logistics standpoint and keeping things as cost effective as possible, there are three major ways I track “look better” progress with my clients, in order of importance from least to most important:

1.) Scale Weight: This is by far the least important goal, but it gives a number that’s worth tracking. Though body fat percentage would be a much better method of tracking progress, it is simply too inaccurate on a small scale and too costly on a large scale. The key is to taking your initial weight before you start and then not weighing more than every 2 weeks. I have found most people to do better with tracking their weight every month. There are simply too many variables for controlling your body weight and the natural fluctuations based on diet (and for women, their menstrual cycle), means the less frequently you do this the better. If the scale is just too de-motivating for you in general, then just skip this one altogether if you must, because the next two markers are far more important.

2.) Body Measurements: This is a very good indicator of success. You want to lose fat and change how your body looks. By taking a few measurements that I have in place you will know how well you are doing. Measuring on a regular basis is important but not to soon that you do not see any results.

3.) Digital Pictures: Pictures don’t lie, that’s the bottom line. If you want to look better, what better way is there to assess this than pictures? I cannot begin to tell you how important this is. When you see yourself in a picture you cannot lie to yourself any longer. This is such a motivator for people it amazes me to this day. Taking regular pictures is so important to know if you need to “step it up a bit” Taking a before picture is essentially you telling the whole world that you are ready to change and that you are ready to do whatever it takes to make those changes. They key is take pictures in a swimsuit, sports bra and shorts, or for men swimming shorts only

And if you want to see your abs, then you best believe that you need to take pictures of your abs to track how much more definition you get. Take a front, side, and rear view picture and be sure to note the exact conditions in which the picture was taken (lighting, distance from camera, time of day/week, etc.) to be as accurate as possible in your assessment. The clients whom I’ve transformed that failed to take before pictures in the past have nothing but regret about it. Your before pictures will become your trophy and they are an absolute must if you really are serious about getting results that count. We tell our clients to take new pictures either bi-weekly or monthly until they reach their goal(s).

Step Three- Planning and Preparing for Obstacles: You and I both know that obstacles arise the issue is not what obstacles. The idea is how will this time be different. What’s contributed most to past failures and why is this going to be different this time.

Now that we know what you want to accomplish, it’s time to plan and prepare for any obstacles that might get in your way of getting the job done based on your own personal schedule.

In general, the number one thing I hear is that people are too busy and tired and don’t have enough time to get their workouts in or make their meals. The truth is that I have mad workouts short yet effective. Please learn to master your time and you will not regret it. Again, think back to why you wanted to do this in the first place and then examine what’s most important to you. Make your workouts and your meal times just like work appointments. Either you make the appointment or you don’t. And if you want to keep your job (and have your dream body) then you better make that appointment.

Another big obstacle is alcohol. Now I do not have a problem with alcohol but unfortunately alcohol is detrimental to burning fat. To blast fat eliminating or cutting back is needed. The decision is yours. Remember, once you achieve your goal(s), alcohol can be added back in with moderation. But know this, lean people just don’t get wasted unless they are genetic freaks. Low to zero alcohol consumption is needed if you want to look your best year round and that’s a fact.

Lastly, many people deal with boredom eating or emotional eating. Boredom eating means just that, eating to fill up dead time when you have nothing better to do. The best way to deal with this is, you guessed it, to do something! Find an active hobby to keep your mind off of eating when boredom strikes and you can beat this trend. Emotional eating describes the use of food to cope with stress or to reward for accomplishment. Food is can be very addictive and some foods do send an addictive message to your brain. There is no quick fix for emotional eating other than avoiding trigger situations (bars, parties, etc.) and trigger foods (starches, sugars, fast food, etc.) in the short term to break bad habits. In some cases past psychological issues must be dealt with it with a qualified professional.

Face your roadblocks head on. Get rid of excuses and move forward. Boot camps are so helpful with social support. The clients who have had the most success with us have undergone their transformation with the support of other friends or family members. Get support from those that are willing to give it. This is so critical, especially since most of the poor food and drinking choices that sabotage one’s progress occur on the weekend, when most people hang out with their friend and family. If they are committed with you and your goal to get fit and look better, you can put yourself in a much better position to realize the success your desire and deserve. The last thing anybody needs is sabotage or peer pressure from those closest to you, so get them on board and get them on board early.

Jeremy Belter

There are three things Jeremy is more passionate about than anything:

1. Seeing people, like you, transform their lives through new, healthier habits and routines.
2. Seeing businesses within the Fitness and Wellness industry growing and thriving, despite potentially adverse conditions of the market.
3. His Christian faith, which drives him to increase his talents to help as many others as he can.

Jeremy works tirelessly to educate, empower and envision his clients, helping them create everything God made them to be.

His motto is to grow in faith, create freedom, and progress in fitness excellence.

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