This may or may not apply to you in regards to Black Friday, but chances are it applies to your life one way or another.

You see, I predict that untold numbers of people got up super early today and went shopping on Black Friday. I also  predict these folks either skipped breakfast or grabbed something sugary on the way out the door.

Then at some point, when their shopping frenzy has begun to die down, they’ll plop down at a food court and load up on greasy fast food or something very close.

Not good for fat loss. Not good at all.

If  you want to shed pounds and inches you just have to eat a solid breakfast. It sets the tone for your metabolism for the entire day. Taking the time to plan what you’re going to eat for breakfast the night before is more than worth the time if you’re serious about melting fat off your frame.

But look, sometimes you just don’t have time for it. Sometimes it’s the day after a holiday and you’re not firing on all cylinders. No reason to fret. You can reach for a great tasting meal replacement shake that will stoke your metabolism  and help you burn fat all day long.

People ask me all the time what brand I recommend. Simple: Prograde Lean. Why? Because it tastes amazing and will keep you full for hours. It’s just what the fitness pro ordered on a day like Black Friday.

If you’d like to try Prograde Lean for yourself, well, if you hurry you can get it on sale today. The Prograde Nutrition Thanksgiving Week Sale ends TODAY at 11:59pm EST. You can save 11% off all of their products. All you need to do is use their coupon code when you checkout.

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Place your order. And when you get to the coupon code simply type in the word:


(Yes, that’s the word ‘thanks’  in all lower case letters)

If you’re a busy person on the go, and you’re serious about fat loss, then I highly recommend giving Prograde Lean a try. I know it took them nine months of taste-testing to get the chocolate flavor just perfect. It really is delicious!

Yours in health,


PS – Again, the sale ends TONIGHT, so if you’re thinking some Prograde Lean would make your life easy then you need to order right away before you forget. http://jeremy.getprograde.com/lean

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His motto is to grow in faith, create freedom, and progress in fitness excellence.

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