How Business Success is Like Fitness Success

While starting Fitness4u LLC there are some amazing similarities between transforming a business and transforming your body.

1. Both take discipline
If you are changing your body and trying to get fit you will need discipline. Daily, weekly, monthly goals and doing the challenging things over and over again. The same is true of building a business.

2. Both take action
I know that learning is important but until you take MASSIVE ACTION on both your body transformation and your business success will elude you.

3. Both require help from others
You might like doing things on your own but we all need help sometimes. This is true in business and in fitness.

4. Both take perseverance
This one could be number one. You must refuse to fail at both. It takes a plan of hard and smart work to make both happen. I learned it in fitness and am realizing it in business. This is the number one reason for fitness and weight loss failure and in business as well.

5. You must change
For business to succeed you must change based on what works. The same is true with fitness and I see people making the same mistakes over and over again which will lead to failure.

Fitness and business success are highly correlated. You must make a decision to understand that for LONG TERM FITNESS SUCCESS you must be disciplined, take action, find help, persevere, and continually change.


Jeremy Belter

There are three things Jeremy is more passionate about than anything:

1. Seeing people, like you, transform their lives through new, healthier habits and routines.
2. Seeing businesses within the Fitness and Wellness industry growing and thriving, despite potentially adverse conditions of the market.
3. His Christian faith, which drives him to increase his talents to help as many others as he can.

Jeremy works tirelessly to educate, empower and envision his clients, helping them create everything God made them to be.

His motto is to grow in faith, create freedom, and progress in fitness excellence.

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