Is Supplementation Beneficial?

So many people question the benefits of supplementation. I don’t blame you every day there appears to be a new “miracle” supplement. There are a few things to understand about supplementation. First, there is no magic pill or anything that standing alone can get you in better shape. Ask yourself, “who sees the most benefits from Supplementation?” In my opinion it is athletes because they have a sound nutrition and exercise program. Lets go over the facts

1. Supplements do just that supplement your nutrition
2. If your nutrition and lifestyle is terrible supplementation will help, but try to change other areas as well then your improvements will be even greater
3. Not all supplements are beneficial to you
4. Some supplements can be harmful especially when not taken properly
5. Supplements are not FDA approved because they are not a food or drug.
6. Proper supplementation can be beneficial but not as beneficial as doing better at all three (nutrition, supplementation, exercise)

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His motto is to grow in faith, create freedom, and progress in fitness excellence.

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