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The Metabolic Secret Unfolded

By Jeremy Belter

In today’s world there is much confusion regarding PROPER weight loss and metabolism. The right way to lose weight is to increase your metabolism and not slow it down. In fact, when I ask people how do you increase your metabolism, I get an answer like exercise and diet. What if I told you that you can slow down your metabolic rate through this avenue? Yes without a proper nutrition and exercise program you might lose weight but you may not be increasing your long term metabolic rate. Let’s discuss how to increase metabolism and avoid the yo-yo effect caused by weight loss and weight gain.

First, have you ever known someone that can eat all the time and stay lean, but someone else eats only a few times a day and gains weight? That’s because one of the most important factors to increase your metabolism is gaining or at least maintaining muscle mass. What does this mean for someone who wants to lose weight? A weight loss program must entail weight training to increase or maintain a person’s metabolic rate. Also, when you weight train your metabolism continues far after the session is finished and this great for long term fat loss. The best way to lose fat is to increase the muscle mass so that you can burn the fat. This leads me to my second point, nutrition.

Nutrition is so crucial to speed up your metabolic rate. The issues that come up over and over again is eating to little or eating to much, but even more important is not eating often enough. When a person eats often their hunger is controlled, the body is fueled for energy, they do not lose muscle, blood sugar levels are regulated, and when done long term fat is lost through an increase in your metabolism. But many people are not hungry every few hours so their intuition tells them to not eat. The problem is people are not hungry every two to three hours mainly because they are not used to eating this way, and because their metabolic rate has slowed and will continue to slow down. Solution – Eat every two to three hours any ways!

Thirdly is that many people believe that cardio is the only way to lose fat. When a person does cardio they will burn calories but depending on the exercise program and nutritional intake the person may not increase there metabolic rate in the long term. No it takes a holistic approach of proper strength training, proper cardio and proper nutrition to increase metabolism and to keep the weight off long term.

Finally a long term approach of consistent exercise, small but continuous nutritional changes, and incremental lifestyle changes works the best. An increase in your metabolism means that you can burn fat even while sitting around and although challenging it can be done.

Here are some tips to increasing your metabolism:

  • Eat every few hours with a focus on 5 or more meals per day
  • When in a rush concentrate on getting a quality meal replacement bar, shakes, or other healthy snacks
  • Focus on protein (without the fat) intake along with fruits and vegetables
  • Eat a healthy breakfast with carbohydrates and protein every day this starts the metabolism for the day
  • Focus on getting stronger through weight training
  • Understand that losing weight through increased metabolism takes time, hard work, dedication, and planning
  • Do not diet because dieting leads to a decreased metabolic rate instead focus on healthy nutritional and exercise changes

You can change your metabolism as you can see from the facts outlined above. Increasing your metabolism takes consistency, focus and a commitment to nutritional and lifestyle changes. This is a lifestyle not a diet! is where the article is published

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