The 4 tips for a “fat free” Holiday Season!

It is that time of year again.  Were families get together and share the joy of Christmas.  On the same lines parties arise, eating increases, workouts fall by the wayside, and people gain weight.  Gaining weight for the holidays is like having a Christmas tree.  It is guaranteed to be there and to stay around for awhile after the holidays.  Is there hope?  This year let us avoid the holiday weight gain by following these 4 tips.

Stick with a workout routine even if that means exercising only one time a week!

Many people pack it in during the Holidays altogether.  This leads to frustration, disappointment, and in some cases not returning to exercise for months.  Although, one time a month is not optimal it is better than none.  Try to do an intense weight training session followed by some intervals.  This will maximize caloric burn and help avoid holiday weight gain.  So if you are unable to stick to your normal routine at least do one workout per week during this holiday season.

Burn more calories every day!

You can burn calories during the holidays by not using escalators while shopping.  You can park further away when running errands.  Have fun with the kids.  For example you could go sledding and run up the hill.  Whatever the fun activity is try to maximize how much you mover throughout the day you can burn a significant amount of calories just by focusing on this one factor.

Make it a workout!

Make your daily activities into a workout.  If you have snow, shovel it at a rapid pace work up a sweat and give it your all.  If you are shopping lift those bags up and down while walking.  Try to move fast while cleaning the house for company.  These are just some of the ways to keep burning calories during the holidays.

The 5 minute workout!

You might not be able to do any of the above so here is the quickest option to you.  Right after you wake up and right before bed do a quick workout.  Pick full body workouts such as squat presses, pushups, jumping jacks and so on. Do as many reps as you can of the exercises you chose in 5 minutes.  This will take very little time and can be done by most people.  No matter what you chose please stick with a routine and don’t throw in the towel over the holidays.  Start the new resolution today.  It will make easier for you when the New Year arrives.

To a fat free holiday,


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