The Science of Fitness

Last night my wife and I watched Sports Science. A show I highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn about the human body. This particular episode was “the worlds strongest men” They did amazing things but ironically their bodies showed little stress. Here are some examples:

1. A man was pulling a semi and his breathing was constant. His heart rate did not sky rocket. You and I know that when we carry something heavy are heart rate sky rockets but his did not because of his conditioning.

2. One guy broke cement with his head and there was very little to no impact to his brain. Both men and women lose bone density as we age if we do not do weight bearing activities. On the other hand, if we do we can increase bone density at any age so start now.

3. In almost all cases it looked so easy for them and in one case a nail accidentally went through one man’s hand and he did not appear hurt. This shows his pain tolerance but for us it reminds us to use proper form and to gradually increase intensity. Many people do not know when to increase intensity without getting hurt.

4. Most people would sustain serious or life threatening injuries. Again lifting weights improves are abilities to withstand everyday demands.

How is the possible?

1. With consistent training these participants have increased their bone density even in the skull. Their bones become less likely to break. As we age the best way to increase and maintain bone density is through consistent and incremental improvements in weight bearing activities.

2. With consistent training their muscles become powerful, strong and improve functionality. Most people cannot get to these levels nor would they want to. On the other hand, everyone can function day to day and improve their bodies.

3. Your body and mind adapt to what is done with it. So exercise both the mind and body and push yourselves so that quality of life remains great.

How does this relate to me?

1. Training improves conditioning and strength.

2. Training improves functionality.

3. Training improves bone density.

Obviously these men have been training for years at the highest levels, but everyone can learn from them. No matter who you are, you can improve your functional strength. You can improve for the future so you can have a higher quality of life even into old age. Finally, remember now is the best time to start.

To your fitness,


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