The top ten reasons people fail at weight loss, fitness and lifestyle changes.

1.  No Faith

They do not have faith or believe they can get to where they want to go.  This is a a huge problem that means one of two things.  Either the goal is not appropriate or your subconscious mind does not believe you can do it.

2.  Wrong Focus

The focus is not on the right areas.  You see many people believe that eating less and lots of aerobic activity is the key to long term weight loss. But the truth is this is an endless battle that so many people lose

3.  Unrealistic Time Frame

The all or nothing problem.  So many start on a program and try to reach all their goals in two weeks when it should take two months or even two years.

4.  Wimpy Metabolism

They are not doing regular resistance training activities.

5.  Going through the motions

They are not focused on getting better just focused on putting in time.

6.  Poor or misunderstood nutrition

They do not understand how to eat based on their goals.

7.  They do not know how

They do not know how to consistently improve and change their workouts for results.

8.  Maintenance fallacy

They try to maintain.  This does not exist because a person is either improving or getting worse.

9.   No support social and professional

They do not seek professional help where they may need it.  A lot of times this might mean more than just a great fitness professional

10.  Society problems

Marketing for so many unhealthy things and quick fixes.

So here is the solution

1.  Believe you can do it

2.  Get help

3.  Set goals – Work Hard – Recover – work harder – recover – keep getting better – repeat

4.  Learn good nutrition for your goals and apply it

5.  Make fitness and health a priority

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