The Top Ten Things Fitness Professionals (Ok at least me) wish everyone knew!

The Top Ten Things Fitness Professionals (Ok at least me) wish everyone knew!

1.  Steady state traditional cardio does not speed up the metabolism in the long run.  Interval training is better and much more efficient with your time.  Furthermore you can increase lean muscle tissue and performance which will speed up your metabolism.









2.  Taking some time between reps and sets is fine but to be conditioned a person must do some interval type training.

3.  Doing the same workout all the time is a terrible idea.  I am not saying you cannot do this for awhile but I am saying if you are not getting better (stronger, faster, more flexible) you need to change it up.

4.  Comparing a gym membership to working with a good fitness program is like comparing apples to footballs.  A good fitness coach can be invaluable.

5.  Being healthy and fit is not a goal because it is so vague and nobody knows what it means.

6.  Fat loss and weight loss are different things.  By the way, muscle does not weigh more than fat but it is more dense!









7.  More exercise is rarely the answer… better and more advanced exercise gradually over time with a sensible fitness nutrition plan is the answer.  GET STRONGER AND GET FASTER!!

8.  Long distance aerobic events are way different then almost any sporting event.  Example a basketball player only travels a few miles in 40 minutes of play.  This means they are doing intervals.  This is true of almost every sport!  Also, gymnasts, sprinters, football players, hockey players, basketball players, volleyball players, and so on are more anaerobic in nature and that is why the look different then say a marathon runner.

9.  A higher metabolism is more than just losing weight fast.  It means increasing the rate at which a person burns calories at rest.

10.  Rest and active recovery from exercise is so misunderstood and not applied.  Hint this does not mean fast food and watching TV:)

Bonus 10.5.  The number one tool for getting fit is your body first and so many know how to lose weight but very few know how to keep lean for life!

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“4 Things You NEED to Understand About Why the “Average Cardio Workout” May Be PREVENTING You From Losing Stubborn Body Fat”

ATTENTION: If you have ever tried and failed to lose weight by spending 30, 45, or even 60 minutes trying to force yourself to endure long, slow, and painfully boring cardio workouts to try and lose weight, then it is vitally important that you read this article…

1. Did you know that your body adapts very quickly to long, “same speed” cardio workouts, which can make you burn less calories each time you workout?

2. Did you know that several research studies have shown that too much long, slow cardio can actually make you lose lean muscle mass, which in turn slows down your metabolism?

3. Did you know that long, slow cardio workouts have little to no impact on your resting metabolism?

4. Did you know that most people are completely unaware of an alternative method to slow cardio called interval training?”

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