Will you get back up when you fail at fitness?

This weekend was an excellent learning experience for me.

My neice had a skating competition.
She is  very young at about 5 years old.
I do not know how many girls and boys, including Mariah, fell down but it was the majority.
So did these boys and girls get back up? Of course they did or they would never get any better.
The TRUTH is the children that never quit are the ones that end up being the best.
The problem with those trying to get fit this new year is they will fall down.
They may not see results so then they give up.
They might get sick and not come back.
They might fall back  into an unhealthy habits.
They might not even have a good reason at all, just some lame excuse.
What if you kept going after” falling down”?
What if failing was not a choice?
What if you never gave up?
What if you were like my neice Mariah in this video and you kept gettting back up?
The fall is at 50-60 seconds point!!
Never give up always give more,
PS Do not try this at home:)
PPS Nobody was hurt in th making of this video but WOW that was a great unrehearsed fall!

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