Why Everyone Should Do Body Weight Exercises


Over the years I think I have tried it all when it comes to exercise.

1.  Dumbbells

2.  Kettlebells

3.  Ropes

4.  Barbells

5.  Bands

6.  Medballs

7.  Weighted Vest

8.  Sleds

9.  A Basketball Hoop:)

10.  Many others some good some not so good

Most tools are great and should be used however I am here to convince everyone should do body weight exercises.

Here are the reasons.

1.  Beginner and advanced exercises.

Many people cannot hold a plank in neutral position yet want to push out some ugly push ups or other exercise that are more advanced for that person.

However progressions in bodyweight are limitless making it great for the advanced and beginner.

As a person perfects an exercise and lays a good foundation they can advance to more difficult exercises.

2.  Strength to weight ratio will get better.

I know so many that believe that endless amount of cardio is the answer for sustained weight loss (It’s Not)

Instead focus on steady progression with body weight exercises which will improve body composition (Body Fat % not just being skinny)

In the long run this will keep your weight where it should be.

I have never seen someone overweight that can bust out 20 plus PROPER pull ups and if they are they still have a great strength to body weight ratio.

3.  A person can put together some amazing circuits, finishers, and power movements with body weight exercises.

There are endless examples and intervals that can be put together to not only get the conditioning aspect but also the power component with exercise.

Here is just one example start with 10 of each then do 9 and all the way down to 1.  Make sure you track your time.


Pull Ups

Renagade Rows

Squat jumps

4.  Easier to recover versus heavy weight training

I love heavy weight training don’t get me wrong.

However I love doing body weight because the recovery is almost always easier versus heavy weight training.

This means it can be trained a bit more often or in between weight training sessions.

On the other hand, we still need to be cognizant of recovery from all exercise and especially aware if we are improving over weeks, months, and years.

Comment below your favorite body weight exercise or what you think about this post!

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  • I have done training with Jeremy for the past 3 years and recently had a baby this past year. I know these exercises work, and are great for all people regardless of your experience. Give it a try, work it into your current program and stop the endless cardio.

  • Bruno Buergi says:

    Body weight exercise are great. I do it every morning before I start with my work. Then you are fit for the day and you have much more energy.

  • Martin says:

    Awesome Post you got here will definitely be coming back to check more post out.. I just took up the Insanity course in my 2nd month and seeing great results without using any weights or bars so im happy =)

  • Annetta Powell says:

    This is one of the area I need to focus on in 2013. Often with my online and offline business I find less and less time to focus on my body.

    • Jeremy says:

      Fortunately it only takes 5-10 minute workouts with progression 2 – 3 times a week to see long term results. And of course nutrition is an important component to body composition and health.