NEVER Try The Paleo Diet Without Reading This First

There are thousands of people—every day–that embark on a new journey, called the Paleo Diet.

One of self-discovery, better eating, and a healthier lifestyle.  Does it sound enticing?

Of course it does!  Think about it, the Paleo Diet may promise more energy, rapid weight loss, better athletic performance, and a whole host of other benefits.

But it lacks one crucial piece of information:

Read This Before Embarking On A Paleo Diet 

Jeremy Belter

5 Reasons To Do More Planks

I have to admit this…

I HATE doing planks.  There is nothing worse than getting into plank position at the END OF YOUR WORKOUT and holding that position for 30 or 45 seconds (or longer).

The 5 Ways the Plank Improves Your Body


Even though I don’t really like doing the plank…

…I know it’s extremely effective for strengthening my body!  Besides hitting […] Continue Reading…

No More Fish Burps

You’re smart enough to know that there is no miracle pill. There’s no supplement or drug out there that’s going to change your life instantly as soon as you take it.

But I’ll tell you what, a good Essential Fatty Acid supplement may come darn close. There are more and […] Continue Reading…

Your Nutrition Toolbox

What if you could get 197 recipes for FREE

I wanted to make sure you had this 197 recipe swipe file of mine to use for yourself.

I wanted to make sure you had access to it so that you can continue to eat healthy meals each and every day.

Here is the link below.  Here are how the recipes are broken up.

18 […] Continue Reading…

Baby Boomer Client Testimonial John (28lb Weight Loss So Far)

John came to me wanting to lose weight and he thought that exercise might be the solution.  After a month or so he wanted better results.

He then decided to adhere to the advice on nutrition.

He followed a simple breakfast with Blendfresh and also changed a few other things.

What happened next […] Continue Reading…

Fitness Revolution Brookfield Works Out Against Child Abuse

Local fitness center raising money for Safe Babies Healthy Families

Fitness Revolution Brookfield

PRLog (Press Release) – May 24, 2013 – BROOKFIELD, Wis. — Fitness Revolution Brookfield is working out against child abuse in our community as part of a national “Revolution for a Cause” campaign at dozens of Fitness Revolution locations across the U.S.

Owner Jeremy Belter […] Continue Reading…

Express Fitness Guaranteed Results

Express Fitness Camps Opens in Brookfield
New training center offers complete, guaranteed program
Brookfield, Wis. – Veteran fitness instructor Jeremy Belter has opened Express Fitness Camps in Brookfield, bringing his passion and extensive experience to help clients tone up, lose weight and live healthier lives.


Express Fitness Camps is at 675 N. […] Continue Reading…