My 5 Favorite Glute Exercises Ever

Today I want to give you my favorite exercises for the butt:)
1.  Hill Sprints
For the beginner it should be hill walks:)  

The more advanced person can do faster hill sprints after a good dynamic warm up and some slower sprints.

When it comes to hill sprints a word of cation […] Continue Reading…

Bring Out Your Inner Athlete!

When it comes to sports I have learned so much.

I have learned

1.  Team Work

2.  Goal Setting and Hard Work

3.  Planning

4.  Fitness and Health

5.  Dedication

6.  Attitude

7.  Passion

8.  Purpose

9.  Persistence

10.  How to handle failure

These are just some of these things that I have learned from my beginnings of shooting hoops in […] Continue Reading…

Three Mistakes Many People Make When Training

Throughout the years I have seen some crazy things in the gym.

Some workout related and others not!

When it comes to observing workouts and people here are some of the biggest mistakes I have seen.
1.  Pushing Too Hard or Not Pushing Hard Enough
Intensity is something that is widely misunderstood.

I have […] Continue Reading…

Why Everyone Should Do Body Weight Exercises


Over the years I think I have tried it all when it comes to exercise.

1.  Dumbbells

2.  Kettlebells

3.  Ropes

4.  Barbells

5.  Bands

6.  Medballs

7.  Weighted Vest

8.  Sleds

9.  A Basketball Hoop:)

10.  Many others some good some not so good

Most tools are great and should be used however I am here to convince everyone […] Continue Reading…

Music With Workouts This New Years

When it comes to fitness and working out there are several ways to help increase intensity.

I see several reasons why to use music for workouts

1.  Decreases boredom

For the average person workouts can get boring and mundane.  When listening to your favorite music this can be helpful from workouts being […] Continue Reading…

2013 New Years Fitness Predictions

1.  Gyms and health clubs around America will be packed.  A very small percentage of people will have improved by 2014.  Here is one example  “73 percent give up on their goals to lose weight, get fit or train for an event within six weeks, according to a new study […] Continue Reading…

35 Years Old 35 Life Lessons

Over the years I believe I have learned many life lessons and here are some of them.

1.   If being lean, fit and healthy was easy, everyone would be lean fit and healthy.

2.  A person cannot be great at sprinting and long distance running at the same time.

3.  Going […] Continue Reading…

Getting Over A Fitness Plateau

1.  Exercise Less or More
When it comes fitness progression is key.  Many times exercising less can be the answer because intensity can be increased and recovery can be improved.  On the other hand, an increase in volume can help improve as well.  If you have been training for a […] Continue Reading…

Supplements Worth A Look

1.  BCAA Branched-Chain Amino Acids.
Now this is not a new supplement or anything like that.

What are Branched-Chain Amino Acids?

They are essential amino acids Luecine, Isoluecine, and Valine make up the BCAA profile.

Who can potentially benefit from them?

Anyone in any type of fitness or sports program
Anyone lowering their calories to lose […] Continue Reading…

American Ninja Warrior Training

I am training for American Ninja Warrior.
Here are some things that I believe need to be a focus when training for this type of competition.
1.  Really focusing on grip strength.
Many of the successful warriors have great grip strength especially per pound of body weight.  I was really impressed with […] Continue Reading…