Fitness Revolution Brookfield Works Out Against Child Abuse

Local fitness center raising money for Safe Babies Healthy Families

Fitness Revolution Brookfield
Fitness Revolution Brookfield

PRLog (Press Release) – May 24, 2013 – BROOKFIELD, Wis. — Fitness Revolution Brookfield is working out against child abuse in our community as part of a national “Revolution for a Cause” campaign at dozens of Fitness Revolution locations across the U.S.

Owner Jeremy Belter (…), a veteran fitness coach and trainer, aims to raise $1,000 by June 30 for Safe Babies Healthy Families (, a Waukesha-based organization that works to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect. Belter will raise money through donations and activities at Fitness Revolution Brookfield (, 675 N. Brookfield Road, Suite 109.

“We’re going all-out to reach our goal, and we want both our members and the community to have fun doing so,” said Belter, who opened Fitness Revolution Brookfield in 2012. “Our goal is ambitious, but I’m confident we can pull together and succeed. This cause helps many women and children, so I know we will.”

Belter will donate $50 for every new client signed up before June 30. Some fund-raising will involve literal sweat equity. A burpee/sled challenge day will allow Fitness Revolution Brookfield clients to donate based on their repetitions in the squat-thrust-jump exercise, and pushing a weighted sled. A client party is planned to raise additional money.

Belter will also donate $1 for each free cookbook and smoothie recipe book downloaded at Getting healthy can taste good and help others, all at the same time.

Fitness Revolution Brookfield offers a complete, guaranteed indoor fitness program where participants speed up their metabolism, shed fat and improve overall physical performance. Its program uses 20- and 30-minute sessions just three times a week.

Safe Babies Healthy Families provides education and resources for young women, often defined as “at-risk,” to help them become supportive, self-sufficient parents. A primary goal is to break the cycle of abuse and neglect that many of them experienced as children, one that can repeat itself from generation to generation unless stopped by positive intervention.


Express Fitness Guaranteed Results

Express Fitness Camps Opens in Brookfield


New training center offers complete, guaranteed program


Brookfield, Wis. – Veteran fitness instructor Jeremy Belter has opened Express Fitness Camps in Brookfield, bringing his passion and extensive experience to help clients tone up, lose weight and live healthier lives.


Express Fitness Camps is at 675 N. Brookfield Road, Suite 109. The center offers a complete, guaranteed indoor fitness program that will help participants speed up their metabolism, shed fat and improve overall physical performance.


“My program is built around concentrated workouts that deliver faster results in less time,” said Belter, a certified fitness professional who has led more than 15,000 training sessions. “By participating in 20- and 30-minute sessions just three times a week, clients can trim fat and tone problem spots, gain more energy, and look and feel better about themselves.”


Express Fitness Camps employs a high-powered metabolic training program using music interval workouts. Coupled with education on nutrition and lifestyle, participants build lean muscle tissue and improve strength and athleticism. Training is available in small groups (10 or less), semi-private classes (2-4) and one-on-one sessions.


“Support and accountability are big reasons why clients are successful at Express Fitness Camps,” Belter said. “The program is tailored to individual needs and built on a foundation of improving athleticism. Healthy long-term weight loss can only be achieved through a higher metabolic rate. Participants see results in 30 days without crash diets, endless cardio or other gimmicks.”


Belter, a Wisconsin Lutheran College graduate and former NCAA athlete, is certified in performance nutrition and related areas. He has donated thousands of dollars to organizations through charity fitness boot camps and other events.


Express Fitness Camps is part of the nationwide Fitness Revolution system. More details are available at

My 5 Favorite Glute Exercises Ever

Today I want to give you my favorite exercises for the butt:)

1.  Hill Sprints

For the beginner it should be hill walks:)  

The more advanced person can do faster hill sprints after a good dynamic warm up and some slower sprints.

When it comes to hill sprints a word of cation is in order.  

Not very many are needed to increase speed and power.  

I like hills that take 10-30 seconds to conquer and I like to do between 3-6 work sets.  

My belief is when speed decreases by 20% or more it is time to stop for the day.

There is a hill by my house and it is a beast:)  Watch below

2.  Prowler or sled pushing

I love this is because most people can do it safely.

It the weight can be adjusted to use for maximal strength or for speed work.  

This is great for athletes to improve their conditioning as well.

3.  The squat or the deadlift.

Yes they are different exercises and different ways of doing them.  

I personally love the trap bar deadlift and use it on a regular basis.

 Before someone starts loading up the bar they should be able to do a proper bodyweight squat and bodyweight deadlift.

4.  Jumping, bounding, and other bodyweight exercise.

Most people do repetitive amounts of plyometric exercise.

Landings need to be great to protect the body from injury even with moderate plyometric activity.

When I think of plyometrics it should be to increase the strength that is already there.  

I like to make sure the person has proper technique and is prepared for these type of high intensity things.

5.  Lunges

There are so many lunge variations out there.

Side Lunge

Back Lunge

Forward Lunge

Isometric Lunge

Lunge Jump

and so on the list goes.

Comment below your favorite leg exercise or which do you like the best from the list above!


Bring Out Your Inner Athlete!

When it comes to sports I have learned so much.

I have learned

1.  Team Work

2.  Goal Setting and Hard Work

3.  Planning

4.  Fitness and Health

5.  Dedication

6.  Attitude

7.  Passion

8.  Purpose

9.  Persistence

10.  How to handle failure

These are just some of these things that I have learned from my beginnings of shooting hoops in rural Minnesota even when it was below zero degrees.

What does this have to do with you?

Well if you are reading this you are an athlete!

Yes anyone that has a body is an athlete.

Weather a beginner or advanced you can learn from the athlete.


Here are three ways to bring out your inner athlete.

1.  Training is about results and reaching a goal.

The rarely focus on getting to a certain weight the focus on performance.

They set a goal for sprint speed, vertical jump or any other goal based around their sport.

They do the needed thing to reach the goal including training, nutrition, sleep, and recovery.

The same should be true for anyone that is training.

Constantly set goals and work towards them.

2.  Mentally they have to be strong.

When it comes to results with fitness many times the person holding us back is ourselves.

Playing sports taught me to keep getting better.

It meant being the best I could be no matter what.

This is true for anyone that is training at all.

Continual regular progression in intensity is a key to results.

It is not going to be easy however it is going to be worth it.

3.  They realize that for them to do well the team has to do well.

Unfortunately not everyone has this same philosophy.

Some people believe to do better someone has to do worse or they have to beat somebody else.

The truth is that teams function best when each individual does the best for the team (for a mission).

They work for a greater good.

Yes those are the teams that do well.

In conclusion, when it comes to fitness training and life in general take the good from athletes.

Be the best you can be, train hard, train smart, and help others!

Comment below what have you have learned from athletes or from your on sports experience?



Three Mistakes Many People Make When Training

Throughout the years I have seen some crazy things in the gym.

Some workout related and others not!

When it comes to observing workouts and people here are some of the biggest mistakes I have seen.

1.  Pushing Too Hard or Not Pushing Hard Enough

Intensity is something that is widely misunderstood.

I have seen people loading up bars up to 250lbs for squat but could not do a proper body weight squat.

I have seen loads of crunches, improper push ups, and countless time on the treadmill.

I was told you can never do enough cardio.

Same exercises with the same intensity every workouts.

When it comes to intensity slow and steady wins the raise, however a person still needs to be challenged appropriately to see results.

Here is an example of what not to do in my opintion

Here is an example of something that might not get results either!:)

2.  Focusing on losing weight versus metabolism

Losing weight is easy it can be achieved through starvation, eating restriction, excessive aerobic exercise, fad dieting, HCG shots, surgeries and so on.

Many people want to lose weight and that is great however what they really are saying (most of the time) is they want to be more lean.

I know several people that are thin but not fit and absolutely not healthy.  So What?

Well any fitness program should be focused on improvement and progression.

Basically workouts should be centered around individual goals and then measured for constant improvements in a safe manner.

3.   Thinking that it is the workouts alone that changes appearance

Most people realize that an increase in lean muscle tissue will improve metabolism.

But then do not do the needed things to increase lean muscle tissue especially in regards to lifestyle things.

Here are a few ways to help the workouts be better and increase metabolism.

  • Stress reduction and management
  • Sleep
  • Supportive nutrition and supplementation
  • Other recovery techniques that make training sessions more effective

So what can be done immediately

1.  Figure out your goals and a plan

2.  Find some accountability for your goals including a program that is focused on metabolism

3.  Stay away from quick fixes

4.  Focus on lean muscle tissue

5.  Improve performance slow and steadily

Questions or comments are encouraged below!!


Why Everyone Should Do Body Weight Exercises


Over the years I think I have tried it all when it comes to exercise.

1.  Dumbbells

2.  Kettlebells

3.  Ropes

4.  Barbells

5.  Bands

6.  Medballs

7.  Weighted Vest

8.  Sleds

9.  A Basketball Hoop:)

10.  Many others some good some not so good

Most tools are great and should be used however I am here to convince everyone should do body weight exercises.

Here are the reasons.

1.  Beginner and advanced exercises.

Many people cannot hold a plank in neutral position yet want to push out some ugly push ups or other exercise that are more advanced for that person.

However progressions in bodyweight are limitless making it great for the advanced and beginner.

As a person perfects an exercise and lays a good foundation they can advance to more difficult exercises.

2.  Strength to weight ratio will get better.

I know so many that believe that endless amount of cardio is the answer for sustained weight loss (It’s Not)

Instead focus on steady progression with body weight exercises which will improve body composition (Body Fat % not just being skinny)

In the long run this will keep your weight where it should be.

I have never seen someone overweight that can bust out 20 plus PROPER pull ups and if they are they still have a great strength to body weight ratio.

3.  A person can put together some amazing circuits, finishers, and power movements with body weight exercises.

There are endless examples and intervals that can be put together to not only get the conditioning aspect but also the power component with exercise.

Here is just one example start with 10 of each then do 9 and all the way down to 1.  Make sure you track your time.


Pull Ups

Renagade Rows

Squat jumps

4.  Easier to recover versus heavy weight training

I love heavy weight training don’t get me wrong.

However I love doing body weight because the recovery is almost always easier versus heavy weight training.

This means it can be trained a bit more often or in between weight training sessions.

On the other hand, we still need to be cognizant of recovery from all exercise and especially aware if we are improving over weeks, months, and years.

Comment below your favorite body weight exercise or what you think about this post!

Making New Years Resolutions Work

Every year people make resolutions to do or not do something.

But so many people fail!

What is the solution?

Is there a solution?

First lets look at the facts

“Based on the study, attempting to start anew by making a new year’s weight loss resolution is ill-recommended as it is a pointless exercise which only leaves you even less inclined to actually follow through with your weight loss goals.  The final results of the study showed that less than 20% of the subjects were able to follow through with their new year’s resolutions.”

I understand this is just one study but from experience most new years resolutions just do not last.

Although I could delve into great detail on all the reasons why they do not work instead lets focus on how they can work.

1.  Make them into new years goals not resolutions.

Resolutions make it seem like you have to give something up.  Instead lets turn the resolution into a goal.  When it comes to goals they should be written down, challenging, rewarding, and have a plan.  By writing it down the chance of success skyrockets alone.

“Study 1
According to Dave Kohl, professor emeritus at Virginia Tech:

  1. People who regularly write down their goals earn nine times as much over their lifetimes as people who don’t.
  2. 80% of Americans say they don’t have goals.
  3. 16% do have goals but don’t write them down.
  4. Less than 4% write down their goals and fewer than 1% review them on an ongoing basis.”

2.  Get some accountability

Lets face it when it comes to challenging goals and reaching them we all need help.  Accountability makes a person more likely to succeed for several different reasons.  The more accountable a person is to a group or to another person the more likely they are to succeed at a goal.

“Of course, there’s science behind this link between weight-loss success and accountability. A study in the current issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine confirms what weight-loss experts have long suspected: Accountability works. Study participants who kept food journals were twice as successful as those who did not.”

3.  Have an actionable plan

So many people set new years resolutions but have no real plan.  Without a plan it just will not work.  Just by saying something or half heartidly trying something will not work.  This is especially true when it comes to challenging goals such as starting and running a business, losing fat and keeping it off, or quitting smoking.  These are just three examples but any goal should have an action plan of things that need to be reach the goal and in many cases a new goal will need to be made.

So there you have how to make your goals stick for the new year.

I want to help so comment your new years goal or goals below.


Music With Workouts This New Years

When it comes to fitness and working out there are several ways to help increase intensity.

I see several reasons why to use music for workouts

1.  Decreases boredom

For the average person workouts can get boring and mundane.  When listening to your favorite music this can be helpful from workouts being mundane.

2.  Increase intensity

When it comes to workouts results happen with increased intensity.  I know several people that want (need) their hardcore or upbeat music to increase the intensity of their workouts.

3.  Variety through tempo

Depending on the interval or type of workout music can be used to match the tempo.  For example, doing a sprint or conditioning workouts can be different music than say lifting weights.

4.  The fun factor

Music is associated with fun and many do not think exercise is fun.  However we tend to associate certain music to fun and excitement and mixing that with exercise increases the fun factor.  If something is fun this increases the likelihood of continuing.  Continual progress is one of the most important keys to fitness success.

5.  Infinite Choices

People like different types of music so there are so many ways to get in great music.  I know of people that listen to 80’s ballads:)  Others listen to hardcore music, others country but the truth is whatever makes you want to workout, workout harder and do better is key!

So now that you know that workout music helps…. here is a workout radio station for you to listen to some upbeat music and the best part…. NO COMMERCIALS!



2013 New Years Fitness Predictions

1.  Gyms and health clubs around America will be packed.  A very small percentage of people will have improved by 2014.  Here is one example  “73 percent give up on their goals to lose weight, get fit or train for an event within six weeks, according to a new study from Harris Interactive and” (

2.  The quick fix weight loss industry will continue to grow. The worst fad diets ever.  Yes there is one where you eat cotton balls!

3.  Fitness Revolution Franchise will be the place for local communities to continually see guaranteed results and why I joined the Fitness Revolution

4.  Metabolic Training will be the words used to help training a faster metabolism.

5.  More and more people will do shorter workouts 30 minutes or less because they are more effective and help save time.

6.  Fad diets and easy fixes will continue to thrive based on peoples desire for any easy way out but will not work in the long run.

7.  The same thing will be needed for long term weight loss.  More strength, more speed/power, and better lifestyles.  Basically proper hormone levels is the key to long term fat loss.

8.  At home workouts and online programs will grow along with small group training programs.

9.  Many people will think they know what to do but will not be doing the proper steps to become more fit and healthy.

10.  Hopefully people will understand that long duration aerobic exercise is not the answer for long term fat loss.

35 Years Old 35 Life Lessons

Over the years I believe I have learned many life lessons and here are some of them.

1.   If being lean, fit and healthy was easy, everyone would be lean fit and healthy.

2.  A person cannot be great at sprinting and long distance running at the same time.

3.  Going on diets is a terrible idea.

4.  The amount of exercise is dramatically less important when compared to progression.

5.  Recovery from exercise is WAY more important than most people realize.

6.  Strength and power are two keys to long term leanness and health.

7.  There is always someone better and someone worse.

8.  Having a good mile time is not the indicator of a great athlete.

9.  Eating should be based on individual goals not a diet.

10.  Some supplements are great but they do not replace nutrition.

11.  Moderate, repetitive cardio exercise sucks.

12.  Active listening can be challenging but it is very important.

13.  Introverted people have just as many benefits as extroverted people.

14.  Being a dad to a daughter is a bigger blessing than I could have ever imagined:)

15.  The Law of Action is super important to progress.

16.  Maintaining fitness (or anything for that matter) is not possible a person is either getting better or worse.

17.  Faith is a key component to actions.    I chose to have faith in something bigger than me ( in a god) and that god for me is the Triune God.

18.  If someone does not believe they can accomplish something they wont.

19.  If someone believes they can accomplish something the chances of success in that en-devour skyrocket.

20.  Discipline is a key to any success.

21.   Learning from peoples mistakes as well as their successes speeds up the learning curve.

22.  Being humble does not mean a lack of confidence.

23.  Almost everyone says they want to be healthy but many have not defined what that means to them.

24.  Weight loss and fat loss are very different.

25.  Prayer works for me.

26.  Hero’s are made not born.

27.  Money is neither good nor bad but a tool and more money only amplifies the true character of a person.

28.  Getting hit by a line drive 100 plus MPH hurts.

29.  Find your heroes but also be a hero

30.  Success is doing your absolute best regardless of what happens to you

31.   I think a person can learn a lot from life through sports.

32.  Education never ends.

33.  Time is limited and I believe we have one shot on earth so make the most of it.

34.  Great relationships are one key to happy life.

35.  The Golden Rule is a great way to live life.

The Problem With Fitness Marketing

Below is a question I asked in a survey awhile back.

If you could change one thing about the fitness/weight loss industry what would it be?

“Ban advertising of magic fixes

Getting out a message that people would want to get involved with.Not unreal ads.Telling people that it takes hard work ,commitment,ect.

Everbody telling the truth…no BS, no quick loss, just an honest process to loss weight and get in shape.

stop putting up super skinny spokes people. Use realistic healthy people

Get rid of misleading information, there are no quick fixes.

Get rid of all the hype and misinformation out there. There are a lot of shady people out there trying to make a buck.

No more quick fix ads

Feeling of getting ripped off because of false information and not knowing what to believe.

There is no quick fix, pill, or anything else that let’s you become fit without doing the work

The marketing crap!

Advertising for quick unrealistic results

Truth in advertising. There isn’t a quick-fix, it takes lifelong commitment and change. People get excited about quick fixes, and then get discouraged when they don’t last.

Tying both fitness and nutrition together more.

A grading system to all the fitness programs and nutrition options out there so people know what the best options are. It is cunfusing with all the info and it all says it is the best. Who do you believe?

So many bad choices that do not get results”

What do you think?  Comment Below!

Getting Over A Fitness Plateau

1.  Exercise Less or More

When it comes fitness progression is key.  Many times exercising less can be the answer because intensity can be increased and recovery can be improved.  On the other hand, an increase in volume can help improve as well.  If you have been training for a long time without a week or two off take a break.  If you have been working out two times a week up it to three.  It really depends on the person and a qualified professional can help you improve on this.

2.  Train for a goal  

I am not sure if I have ever trained for a weight goal.  Instead I have trained for a specific strength, power, or speed goal.  I have also trained to be able to advance in specific body weight exercises.  The point here is focus your energy on getting to a specific result.  A word of caution here.  I do believe that goals can be conflicting.  For example, becoming really strong and becoming better at marathons are opposed.  That is not to say that a runner should not get stronger but the programming should be inline with the specific goal.

3.  Manage Stress and Sleep More

Our bodies need sleep and many times.  Most people say we need 7-9 hours of sleep.  When it comes to stress we all have it.  It is not the stress but rather the reaction to the stressful situation.  Things like prayer, meditation, focused relaxation, quite time, and much more can help break that plateau.

4.  Change nutrition

The obvious things are reducing bad carbs, sugar, alcohol, trans fat, and so on.  On the other hand, little things like maybe eating more or less could help depending on the person.  Eating more good fats or other nutrition tweaks may just improve performance.

5.  Get some support

This can come in so many forms from professional support to the support of a friend.  It could mean a training partner or a small group personal training class.

6.  Get some recovery

Massage, foam rolling, chiropractic care, band stretching, walking, yoga, vacation, hot cold showers, and many more are all examples of ways to recover.  Remember results happen after the workout.  Working hard is important but so is working smart and consistent.  Recovery techniques are crucial and might be what you need to bust through a plateau.

7.  Supplementation 

Finding supplementation for your goals is important.  It is not the first thing to look at however I believe it is the easiest way to see some results.  Try some supplements for performance and use those.  Figure out what you like and what your goals are then you can add those into your overall plan.  However some people focus on supplementation but do not look at nutrition or any other factors.

What have you done to break a plateau?  Comment below!

Supplements Worth A Look

1.  BCAA Branched-Chain Amino Acids.

Now this is not a new supplement or anything like that.

What are Branched-Chain Amino Acids?

They are essential amino acids Luecine, Isoluecine, and Valine make up the BCAA profile.

Who can potentially benefit from them?

Anyone in any type of fitness or sports program
Anyone lowering their calories to lose weight
Anyone that does not like the feeling of eating before working out.

Read this article to learn more

2.  Fish Oil or more specifically Krill Oil

Krill is defined as “any small shrimplike marine crustacean of the orderEuphausiacea :
the principal food of whalebone whales”  (

Unless someone has been living under a rock we all know that fish oil has so many benefits.

Here is an in depth analysis of krill oil

3.  Multivitamin is for everyone.

Personally I do not care what others say about getting all nutrients from food but that is my opinion.

I believe even the best diets can be deficient in different nutrients.

As always though you should talk to your doctor about all nutrition and supplementation.

Comment which is your favorite supplement and the benefits you have had?