My Fitness Challenge to You

My challenge is for you to get in better shape, lose weight, and/or become more fit. This is a challenge for you reading this to get in the best shape of your life. Right now you might be thinking about how this is NOT possible. The challenge for YOU reading this is to think about how it is possible. How would that look for you? How would that make you feel? How much value would that add to your life? Would it improve your energy, production and give you a better quality of life?

This is not about magic pills, crazy diets, or quick fixes. It is about you and your fitness improvement. If you are sick and tired of outlandish infomercials, broken promises, or deceptive marketing, you have come to the right place.

From this day on you agree to create the life you want. You will change your way of thinking to become as fit as you can.

You agree to search for the truth about fitness and then follow through with appropriate actions. You might want to get into a routine, learn what to do, lose weight, gain muscle, become more athletic, tone your body, or become a fitness enthusiast. Whatever your fitness aspirations and goals are, lets start the journey today.

*before you start any program please talk with your doctor*

The Next Fitness Craze

This article discusses boot camps as the next fitness craze! What is the truth about boot camps? In my opinion they will continue to grow and will stay around. I do not think it is just a craze but more of an efficient, effective fitness solution.

On the other hand, one on one training and smaller groups are not going to dissipate into thin air. My advice weigh the positives of each and then decide. I know many that use both forms at different times. Try different things get out there and get results!

To great results,


The Blame Game

You know I get clients all the time that are not ready for the committment to train.  I tell people the truth and I do the best to let them know the truth without taking hope from them.  Truthly if me saying that something is going to be a challenge turns them off…. Well they are probably not ready for a change.  They might and have even blame me for not taking action.  Well show me you can do it.  Prove it to yourself and to the world.  But please if you are reading this take responsibility for where you are in life.

The truth is anybody can get in better shape.  Anyone can lose weight and keep the weight off for life.  But not everyone will in fact many will not but for the ones that do it makes it all worthwhile.  I get so much satisfaction out of the ones that are ready.  The ones that have made a decision to change.  Do not let anyone stop you from your dreams this is your life.
Take Action,

Discover How To Burn Fat Fast Through Circuit Training

Traditionally, people who workout do straight sets. Straight sets mean you simply do a certain amount of reps and then take a break. After that break from lifting, you go back to lifting again. The break time depends on your goals but can be as long as 5 minutes. This type of workout can be boring and often very ineffective.

So, what’s the problem with this format? Well, though straight sets are extremely easy to comprehend for people new to fitness, they are also an extremely inefficient way to order your exercises. In most commercial gyms you’ll typically see someone perform three sets of 10 reps for let’s say the bench press. They do the same amount of reps, go look out a window, talk with some friends, Look for the latest news or scores on the television, and then slowly head back for the next set. In general, most people, men in particular, will take up to 5 minutes between sets. The sets usually take way under a minute for every 5 minutes of rest. They are working out only 1/10th of the time.

A much more effective and time-efficient approach to ordering your exercises is though supersets, trisets, or circuit training. Here you’ll perform one exercise, rest for a short period of time, then perform another non-competing exercise, rest for a short period of time, and so forth. Alternating sets allow you to work different areas of your body when you would otherwise be resting with the straight set format. The great part is by working different parts of the body you will recover and do more work in less time. Here is a definition of the three different formats:

1.)Supersets: Alternate between two different non-competing exercises (e.g. upper body and lower body such as push-ups and lunges)

2.)Trisets: Alternate between three different exercises (e.g. push, pull, and lower body such as push-ups, rows, and lunges)

3.)Circuits: Alternate between four or more different exercises

Though supersets and trisets are excellent alternating set options, I believe circuit training is by the far the best option time and time again. To demonstrate why, let’s examine my favorite circuit training template using timed set intervals:

The 50 -10 second Five Exercise Circuit: You will alternate between 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for all five exercises in the following 5-minute circuit:

Exercise#1- Squat Jumps

Exercise#2- Push Ups

Exercise#3- Reverse Lunges

Exercise#4- Bicycles

Exercise#5- Sit Ups

Perform this circuit up to four times for a 20-minute total body fat burning workout.

Basically, in the same 15 minutes of rest time between doing three you could do an amazing and much more effective 15 work sets! Plus, the intensity on each exercise will be just as high as in the straight set format because in this five exercise circuit you will have full recovery with over four minutes before you return to any given exercise (just as you did with the straight set format described earlier).

To recap, the key to creating the optimal hormonal environment for fat loss is to perform each exercise with maximal intensity while separated by brief rest periods in order to accumulate a high volume of total body work in the shortest amount of time possible. Circuit training provides for the best of both worlds and is thus simply unmatched for simultaneously maximizing fat loss and lean muscle gain. Here is a sample of how you could set up circuit training:

Exercise#1- Double Legs/Core

Exercise#2- Push

Exercise#3- Single Leg

Exercise#4- Pull

Exercise#5- Core

Here is an example of a quick challenging circuit done at my home. No weights were used just my body weight. This workout can be used almost anywhere.

I’ll be sharing some more great circuit training workouts from my boot camps in the weeks to come ;)


Jeremy Belter

Why Are Boot Camps Effective?

Here are five quick reasons for this answer.

1. Professional Guidance
2. Peer Support
3. Accountability
4. Friendly Competition
5. Social Energy

Boot camps are guided by a professional to help challenge you. Peer groups act as a team and this makes everything more fun and competitive. You are held accountable to the leader and to the peer group. Healthy competition is fun and rewarding and you get this from boot camps. When you have groups of people there is energy for you to build upon. For more information check out here


My Message To You

A friend and I were eating lunch the other day. By the way this friend is a genius (yet humble) and has a knack for evaluating things differently from anyone I know. He told me that this blog has a definitive message. What is that message? There are 7 points to it

Anyone can get fit
You can do it through shorter workouts
Intensity is far more important then putting in more time
Emulate an athlete or fitness expert in actions and thought
Action is more important then knowledge
Focus on lifestyle changes and get appropriate help

There you have it. If you do these things you will have great success. Remember that the best athletes have lots of help to get to where they are at. If that is true don’t you think the average person could benefit from help as well.

Have a fit day,


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Valentine’s Day Fat Burning Tips

Valentine’s Day is almost here. And there’s a VERY good chance you have plans to eat out that night with your significant other.

And while I want you to have a great time, I do NOT want you to kiss your fat loss goals goodbye. Here are three quick Valentine’s Day Fat Burning Tips to help keep you on track.

1) Make sure you get a good workout in that day. Preferably strength training. It’ll have you blasting fat all day long.

2) Whatever you do, do NOT starve yourself all day long in anticipation of your big night out. That’s one of the worst things you can do.

3) If you’re having a chocolate craving – it is Valentine’s Day after all – you want to have some good dark chocolate on hand.

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4) Start Valentine’s Day off with 2 large cups of water when you wake up. You also want to drink 1-2 cups before each meal as it will help you from consuming WAY to many calories.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yours in health,

Jeremy Belter

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