Funny Fitness Infomercial and The Best Fitness Holiday Gifts To Buy

When it comes to fitness there is a never ending supply of new inventions and gifts you could buy.

Here is one not on my list!:)

Ok now the real ones that are good gifts:)

1.  Resistance Bands

Band training is great especially to increase power and power endurance.  They are also great for stretching and becoming more mobile.  Trust me bands can do things that weights cannot do but weights can do what bands cannot:)

2.  The Grid Foam Roller

I started doing foam rolling just a few years ago and it has been amazing.  No matter if you are an intense athlete or someone who never works out you can benefit from this.  One person said it did not work.  Remember the grid is not to roll fat off the body:) but instead it is like a massage.

3.  Kettlebells are a great tool

I love the kettlebell but it takes knowledge and practice to be great at it.  Kettlebells are not new and they should not be a fan.  Stuff that you might see on tv is usually not what you are looking for in a kettlebell workout.

4.  Eischens Yoga

This is the best yoga ever and for those that do not like the spiritual side of yoga he just takes you through the movements with no added fluff. And this one is best for athletes and beginners.

5. The Power Wheel

This is one of the best tools for core work

6.  The Meal Movement











No more dieting and if you are on a meal plan I challenge you to switch to this one.

7. Last but NOT least sign up for or at least get the free newsletter to the right. Ok this is a shameless plug but its free!

What is the funniest fitness gift you have gotten?

7 Of The Best Personal Trainer Secrets You Can Learn From

When it comes to performance and fat loss there is contradictary advice all over the place.

What I have learned I believe are seven tips that the best fitness professionals know.

1.  Dieting sucks but healthy nutrition rocks

Even my clients will come to me with diets they have done, are doing, or will do in the future.  There are some nutrition plans that work but being on a diet sucks.  However learning how to eat is key.  In my opinion, the meal movement is the best program out there for simplicity and price!

2.  Less is usually more especially when done properly.

Intensity and recovery on are on a reverse spectrum.  So if I do a super intense workout I need more recovery.  And the more fit I get I still need the same recovery.  In fact I might need more because I can push harder in the same amount of time.  This is why athletes do periods of deloading and active recovery.

3.  Some form of resistance training is needed

Steady state moderate cardio is not fun and it really does not help.  I believe in doing something that is going to speed up metabolism or improve recovery.  Or just plain make me more fit and athletic.  So this means metabolic training mixed in with foam rolling, band stretching, yoga or core work on off days.

4.  Nobody can get too strong (without steroids).  Steroids can make a person too big.

I hope that one day everyone realizes that strength does not lead to being bulky.  In fact strength and power per pound of body weight is one of the most important aspects of fitness.  If I squat 300lbs and weigh 100lbs that is impressive.  If I way 200 and squat 400 that is still very good but it is only double my body weight.  Being strong in all areas is impressive.  And when people think light weights with high reps is the answer I ask this.  Who can do more DB presses with 20lbs the lady who can lift 30lbs once or the lady who can lift 50lbs once.  I hope that answer is clear.

5.  Exercise cannot make up for good nutrition and good nutrition alone cannot make anyone fit.

This debate will be on forever but when it comes to healthy and fit it takes both.  So many people try to manipulate weight with nutrition because it is easy to do but that does not mean it is correct.

6.  Gradual improvements always beats any “quick fix”

If I train super intense for one month five days a week and you train with progression two times a week for a year.  You will kick my butt.

7.  20-30 minutes of metabolic training is going to be the wave of the future.  Can I point out that I have not done an hour session in years?:)

Increasing metabolism is key to long term fat loss!

Please comment on what you think or which one you like best!



5 Quick Fitness Tips This Holiday Season

The Christmas Season is a great time of year.

But with all the holiday cheer comes some baggage:)

Weight gain is common for many different reasons.

Here are 5 quick tips to avoid the holiday weight gain.

1.  Start or continue an exercise program

2.  Focus on healthy nutrition prior to parties

3.  Park and walk a lot during shopping

4.  Drink water throughout the day and especially if you are drinking alcohol

5.  Get some alone time if at all possible to rest, relax and reduce the stress


Foam Roller

The Foam Roller 

Fad or Functional?

The foam roller has been around for awhile now but is becoming more popular among fitness professionals and at gyms.

Many times though the foam roller is used for exercise itself or they just sit in a corner.

I know that I have had my doubts with the foam roller but over the last few years those doubts are completely gone!

The benefit of using the foam roller are

1.  Getting rid of “tight” muscles

2.  Reducing muscle soreness

3.  Helps recovery from exercise

4.  Helps performance in workouts

5.  Decreases the likelihood of injury

The disadvantages if you can call them that

1.  You have to pay for one but it is well worth it

2.  It takes a little of your time but it is well worth it for further reading.

Personally we recommend the grid because it does not indent or lose it structure and it works awesome.

The Toe Shoe

The Toe Shoe

Fad Or Functional?

Today lets take a look at the toe shoes that are popping up all over the place.

Is this just another fitness fad or is this a functional, helpful pair of shoes?

I have seen fitness professionals and others wearing these shoes for awhile and thought it was a fad at first.

Overtime though I had been reading and hearing the benefits of this shoe.

A few weeks back I heard a presentation and I knew I wanted or maybe even needed a pair.







What has the experience been?

1.  My feet feel great when wearing them.

2.  My toes are spreading apart.

3.  I can feel my feet getting stronger.

4.  They are light and seem durable thus far.

What are the negatives?

1.  They must be kept clean because socks are not worn.

2.  They can be hard at first to get on to your toes.

3.  They are not super inexpensive but are worth the price.

4.  They have made my feet itch.

5.  They look funny but for me it is function not looks!

Below are two longer articles on toe shoes. Please check with your doctor before getting the toe shoes for yourself!

Functional Rating






Please post your comments below!

Perform Better Wisdom

The Wisdom of Perform Better Chicago 2011

Here are the top things I learned at this years perform better.

1.  People are learning that being educated is more important then ever.  I have went to perform better for several years.  The number of attendees is increasing.  When it comes to fitness education, Perform Better Seminars are the best or at least one of the best in the business!

2.  Our glutes are weak.

3.  Anything worthwhile is going to usually take effort.

4.  Dropping a kettlebell on a hard floor might break the kettlebell:) It wasn’t me.

5.  We need good fitness professionals more than ever.  People do not know how to lose fat, get their bodies moving properly, and want some help to be able to function throughout life.

6.  FMS – Functional Movement Screen is a great system.

7.  Al Vermeil is genius and a super cool guy.

8.  Barefoot training and the weird shoes are no longer a fad but this needs to be introduced slowly especially untrained individuals.

9.  That I need to become the absolute best fitness coach I can be.  This will help me become more successful.

10. That most people will not keep weight off without continual support, lifestyle nutrition habit changes, and gradual progressions in exercise intensity!

Fat Loss Problems

Why Fat Loss Becomes Impossible and How To Change?

There are so many reason for not being able to lose fat but I have found some common themes

1.  Starvation dieting or dieting in general.

I am not saying that a person should not eat healthy and then at a SLIGHT caloric restricion.  A person should do this but food is to build lean muscle, to become stronger and to have more energy.

2.  Lack of Trust or Faith

If a person does not believe they succeed, they will be correct.  The truth is a person must believe they will reach every goal including fitness.

3.  Justification of exercise

There have been times where I have done this.  I say I can eat whatever I want because I exercise.  The good news is I only do this occassionally.  I do believe that exercise is just as important for long term fat loss but people must make lifestyle changes.

4.  Patience is a virtue

I am impatient but when it comes to becoming lean and tone it takes time.  It could take years depending on your goals.  Sorry but it is the truth!  It could also take a few months it totally depends on so many variables.

5.  Program movers

I think a person should stick to a resistance based program long term.  I believe in simplicity with fitness and fat loss.  Get stronger, more conditioned, more functional and eat supportively.  When it comes to exercise less can be more IF DONE PROPERLY.

6.  Work ethic

Sticking with high reps low weight or staying at the same speed on the treadmill is not a good idea to become toned

7.  Long duration moderate cardio

You might lose weight but it is not worth the muscle loss and metabolism diminishing returns.  For me it is always about high intensity interval training.

8.  Comparing to others

I have learned something about competition over my years as an athlete and as an adult.  You only compete against your best self!

9.  Never give up

We can see this health clubs across America.  The two weeks and done syndrome.

10.  No accountability

This one is often overlooked.  If you have support and accountability results really do sky rocket.

Basically do the oppossite of these 10 and you will see amazing results!


Your Express Fitness Coach,

Jeremy Belter

PS Bonus 10.5 is that recovery is over looked such as a foam rolling, band stretching, sleep, nutrition, water and so on!

10 Things To Learn From Grandmas

 10 Things I learned about life and fitness from my Grandma!!!

1.  Be your best.

My grandma always said or implied do your absolute best and then nobody can judge you.  The challenge is to decide for your self are you really doing your best.  If you can honestly answer yes to that you are going to win in life!

2.  Work hard and never give up.

Work Hard and keep on moving forward.  When I was young my grandpa died in a tragic tractor accident and it was one of the saddest times for my family and myself.  My grandma continued to work the farm, work hard, and give to others.


3.  Value God, family, and community.

Keep God, family and community close.  My grandma lives in a rural area but she continues to support others through her love and compassion.

4.  Lifting weights is important.

Lifting heavy weights makes you strong and fit.  My grandfather would be on the road hauling cattle and my grandma would do lots of heavy lifting.  In her prime she was in great shape and still is to this day and I am convinced it is because of lifting heavy things all day long.  She never went for jogs, used the shake weight, or walked on a treadmill!

5.  Stay physically and mentally active as you get older:)

Stay active and moving… The older you get the more important it becomes.  My grandma comes to families homes and watches kids, cleans home, plants gardens, helps paint, does laundry and more.  Let me tell you she does not sit still.

6.  Manage money wisely.

Spend wisely, save for a rainy day, and invest wisely.  Along those same lines she said credit cards mismanaged will destroy a person and maybe even a nation.  I used to think grandma was paranoid but she is right!

7.  Be thankful and happy with your life no matter what.

My grandma is thankful for the smallest things.

8.  Run your life with systems.

My grandma has a great routine for her life.  She still gets up before the sun comes up.

9.  Enjoy a good book and know when to relax but not be lazy.

10.  Keep life simple and fun.

Jeremy Belter

77.7 Fitness Tips

77.7 Tips, Tricks, Ideas and Principles to Get Fit, Lose Fat, Become Healthier, and Never Worry About Gaining Fat Again!!

1.  Have the proper mindset.  Click the banner below if you do not have the correct mindset.  Look for his products on weight loss or fitness.

 2.  Focus on long term gradual improvements.

3.  Get Stronger and Faster.

4.  Remember being fit does not just mean being able to run slow for a long time.  In fact many would argue this could make you unfit and unhealthy.

5.  Most people need to eat more fruits and veggies

6.  Learn how to exercise with body weight (hint not walking on a treadmill).

7.  Learn how to exercise with bands.

8.  Get plenty of sleep about 7-8 hours a night.

9.  Do not do marathon workouts.  Personally I like 10-40 minutes at most but usually stay within 30 minutes.

10.  Be focused on improving in every workout.

11.  Take time off and train based on your goals.

12.  Understand that the harder you workout the more recovery you will often need.

13.  Keep it simple.

14.  Have fun.

15.  Set goals that are challenging, realistic, motivating, and time orientated.

16.  Visualize your goals and once you reach them….. then visualize new goals.

17.  Limit junk food and alcohol.

18.  Drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water.

19.  Understand your caloric needs for your goals.

20.  Do Eischens Yoga

21.  Hire the right people to help you.

22.  Find those that support you.  Hint if people do not support your goals it will be very difficult and you must get support from professionals.

23.  Never Give Up.

24.  Have Faith that success is guaranteed.

25.  Let others know what is working for you.

26.  Think like an athlete.

27.  Think like a Fitness Professional.

28.  Get rid of all excuses.

29.  Learn how to use foam roller:  The Grid

30.  Stop steady state cardio and focus on interval training
31.  Use this music to increase results instantly.
32.  Take pictures to track results
33.  Train for a specific purpose especially for strength, power and so on.  Many of my campers want to be able to do pull ups again or for the first time.  This is a great goal!
34.  Get adequate protein
35.  Focus on whole foods
36.  Eat based on your goals
37.  Train hard recover properly.
38.  Take vacations
39.  Pray, meditate, and relax.
40.  Change up your programs but not all the time
41.  Stick to a plan if it is working
42.  Never give up
43,  Read and learn from those you want to be like
44.  Make fitness a priority
45.  Your health is up to you not anyone else
46.  Be held accountable
47.  Focus on long term results not short term fake results.  An example would be someone loses 20 lbs in a month only to gain more back in a year.
49.  Take a pre-workout drink
Workout Free Trial url:
50.  Take a Multi-Vitamin
 Men’s and Women’s VGF Free Trial url:
51.  Your children should take one as well:)
Children’s Vitamin Free Trial url:
52.  Sign up for a free newsletter here54.  Have fun in your workouts
53.  Free google groups with insider information
55.  Challenge yourself

56.  Ask yourself what is the goal for this workout?

57.  Remember food is for energy, to feel full, to become stronger, and to improve performance

58.  Have some reward meals or days depending on your goals

59.  Do not always stay at a caloric deficit

60.  Learn about zig zag nutrition

61.  Educate yourself but DO NOT jump around from program to program… keep it simple

62.  Chose one of these to help your efforts     

 “Image” “Image”

 63.  Be patient but work like you are not

64.  Learn proper form for all exercises

65.  Do band stretching with the bands above

66.  Never let someone tell you can’t do something

67.  Working out two or three times a week with gradual improvements is better than working out every day with no improvements.

68.  Get these free gifts below


 69.  Eat good fats

70.  Smile and laugh

71.  Do not worry or at least minimize it

72.  Forgive others always

73.  Use different tools for fitness

74.  Enter challenges

75.  Follow me on social media and!/jeremybelter

76.  Track progress not just on the scale.

77.  Develop a positive sense of who you are and how you look in the mirror.  Do not talk negative about yourself!

Hope these help you on your journey,


PS  I almost forgot number 77.7 is be active on this blog and post comments:)

The Fitness Triangle

Many people want to get healthy and fit and they start out with a vengeance. Then some start to slide and unfortunately give up. First off make sure you talk with a fitness professional or whoever you are working with so they can help you stay on track.

Secondly, make sure you are taking a look at the Fitness Triangle. The Fitness Triangle involves weight training, cardiovascular training, and nutrition. That is it a simple formula to understand but more challenging to follow.

All three components are needed for a great exercise program. Inevitably, when I have someone look back they are lacking in one or more areas of the Fitness Triangle.

To your health and fitness,


What to expect in my blogs

My main objective is to motivate, encourage, and help as many people as possible become more fit and healthy. Being fit means different results for different people. For example it can mean strength, it can mean cardiovascular endurance and for some it can mean decreasing body fat. One example is the difference between sprinters and marathon runners. Both are fit in their own ways! For some that means losing weight and decreasing body fat, for others it might involve a higher vertical jump and more explosiveness, still others it it might involve making it through a marathon. Regardless of your fitness goals I hope these posts will teach you the truth from my experience, education, and research.

To a fit and healthy life,


Problems or Opportunities

When it comes to life everyone has problems and how we deal with these problems determines the quality of our lives. So many people wish for less problems versus looking at them as opportunities.

What does this have to do with fitness? Well as soon as something goes wrong we stop with our fitness goals, or we wait for the perfect time to get in shape. For example, I hear this one all the time “I am going to get in better shape before I start training.” Wrong answer!!! The right answer would be “because I have gotten out of shape (the problem), I need to start with a fitness professional (opportunity to get in the best shape of your life).”

Overcome your obstacles and wish for more answers. Learn from problems and turn them into opportunities. I believe the more challenging a person’s problems the greater their success in life.

To creating opportunities,


Stages of Fitness

Watching others change their behaviors I see different stages they go through

-First a decision to change

-Second setting goals

-Third following through with a plan

-Lastly making it a lifestyle

The biggest issue that I notice is poeple do not really make that decision to begin with. They just go through the motions and expect miracles to happen. Getting in great shape is a challenge but anyone can do it if they make these stages a priority, find the right professionals to help, and really committ to it .

To a fit life,