Supplements Worth A Look

1.  BCAA Branched-Chain Amino Acids.

Now this is not a new supplement or anything like that.

What are Branched-Chain Amino Acids?

They are essential amino acids Luecine, Isoluecine, and Valine make up the BCAA profile.

Who can potentially benefit from them?

Anyone in any type of fitness or sports program
Anyone lowering their calories to lose weight
Anyone that does not like the feeling of eating before working out.

Read this article to learn more

2.  Fish Oil or more specifically Krill Oil

Krill is defined as “any small shrimplike marine crustacean of the orderEuphausiacea :
the principal food of whalebone whales”  (

Unless someone has been living under a rock we all know that fish oil has so many benefits.

Here is an in depth analysis of krill oil

3.  Multivitamin is for everyone.

Personally I do not care what others say about getting all nutrients from food but that is my opinion.

I believe even the best diets can be deficient in different nutrients.

As always though you should talk to your doctor about all nutrition and supplementation.

Comment which is your favorite supplement and the benefits you have had?



Is There Really A Beyonce Diet?

Well to answer the question… Apparently there is.

You can click here to validate it because I know I had trouble believing it.

I will let you in on a secret!  When you starve your body you will lose weight, TEMPORALITY but you will lose weight.

Here is the issue that I see.

Would you like to lose weight forever or just for a few weeks or months?

Most if not all people want to lose weight forever and the TRUTH is this takes

1. Lean muscle tissue/exercise

2. Sound Nutrition

Yes there you have it easy to talk about more challenging to do.

Your body can be tricked but in the long run it will back fire.

Please stay away from tricks, quick fixes, and lies!

Blast Fat,

Jeremy Belter

PS  If you want to learn about nutritional products that can help with weight loss go here

Supplements – The Benefits of Fish Oil

You’re smart enough to know that there is no miracle pill. There’s no supplement or drug out there that’s going to change your life instantly as soon as you take But Prograde is a company you can put your faith in. I do.

But I’ll tell you what, a good Essential Fatty Acid supplement can come darn close. There are more and more research studies showing the enormous health and fat loss benefits of taking fish oil capsules.

– They help stabilize your blood sugar levels, which helps promote fat loss

– It can reduce inflammation to improve the health of your heart

– They can also help decrease joint pain significantly 

And a whole lot more.

Sounds great, right? Sure does, but the problem with Fish Oil has always been the same:

They make you burp like crazy! 

Seriously, it really is pretty gross. Which is an amazing shame because they hold such promise.

The good news is I’ve found an Essential Fatty Acid supplement made from Krill Oil. And you know what? NO fish burps. 

That’s right, you get the same powerful benefits you get from fish oil WITHOUT the burps! Oh, and did I mention Krill Oil has 47 times the antioxidant power of fish oil?!

The brand I use and recommend to all my clients is Prograde Nutrition’s EFA Icon.

I know the owners of Prograde and they are a brand I really believe in. There aren’t many supplement companies you can trust at all, nevermind

Yours in health,

Jeremy Belter

PS –  If you’ve been looking for a great EFA supplement WITHOUT the fish burps then look no further than Prograde’s EFA Icon. It really is all it’s cracked up to be.