Katie Beres is Express Featured Camper

Katie’s best qualities are

  • Intense and competitive
  • Health and fitness minded
  • Fearless probably from her gymnastic days:)
  • Witty and funny
  • Never Give up attitude


1. What was your life like before training?
Before I started training and working out with Jeremy in boot camp, I would spend about an hour a day in the gym. I would do the elliptical, treadmill, stair master and weights, but dreaded every minute of it because I never saw any results. It was a constant battle with myself just to go to the gym. I wanted to lose some weight and get in better shape but I just never saw any results with what I was doing on my own.
2. What were you skeptical about before joining ?
The biggest thing that kept me from doing boot camp was the price. I am a college student and it is hard to come up with money to work out with a professional, but I made it work.
3. What SPECIFIC results did you achieve?
I have only been doing boot camp for about 3 weeks now, so I know I will see more results as I continue. But one of the biggest things I have noticed is, I have become more confident in myself . When I didn’t work out, I felt… well.. squishy and like jello. But now, i do feel like I have become a little more toned and mentally, I feel like I am starting to tone up in my stomach area, which for me, was what I have been trying to lose. I also have noticed that I have a lot more energy. Before, I felt lethargic and tired a lot, and always had a mid-day crash, but in the last 3 weeks, I haven’t had many of those, so its easy to get through the day.
4. What’s your life like now?
I work out 3 times a week with Jeremy in Boot Camp, and I love it! I actually look forward to going to the gym. The sessions are only about 20- 25 minutes long, but its intense. I don’t feel like I’m wasting my night away while i work out. Its fast and it gets the job done! there is so much variety in the exercises so it doesn’t get boring!  Boot camp has really made me enjoy exercising!
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Blake Meyer is Express Fitness featured Camper

Blake’s Best Qualities are

A desire to help and a positive concern for other’s wellbeing

Honesty and integrity

A youthful zeal for life

Competitive yet cooperative

A desire to be the best she can including her fitness life.

1. What was your life like before training with us?
Busy. Very busy. I was working out 5-7 days a week 1-2 hours each day with both cardio and weights. I also seemed to be tired all the time, which I thought was because I wasn’t getting enough sleep even though I was getting at least 7-8 hours each night. I later learned that I needed to consume A LOT more calories than what I was currently doing.
2. What were you skeptical about before joining?
The biggest thing was the amount of time I would be working out was significantly less. I had a difficult time thinking that 3-4 days each week with only working out 30 minutes each time would be enough.
3. What SPECIFIC results did you achieve?
As a skier and as a woman, I have always had problems with my lower body. You would think that as a skier I would have a solid lower body, and I did but it still was not where I thought it needed to be. Through this program, in only a month I have seen a huge difference with how toned not only my legs are but my entire body is. I wanted to be able to feel and look healthy. I have also learned a lot in terms of the type of eating habits and to include certain supplements within my daily diet. I have also seem improvement in my ability to push myself further throughout workouts. I have felt a lot stronger in my arms, which were always considered smaller and weaker than my lower body. I feel great about the improvements and about my future.
4. What’s your life like now?
More relaxed. I feel that by trusting the program and trying to follow it as close as possible I am seeing results in less time than what I was trying to do before. I feel much healthier and fit than I did before because I am now eating the way I should and excising more effectively. I feel fantastic! Bring on the mountains, Utah!
-Blake Meyer
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Judy Hazard is Our Featured Camper for Express Fitness Camps.

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Judy has been an amazing addition to the team.  Judy’s best qualities are

1.  She encourages others to improve

2.  She works hard for results

3.  She listens well and is easy to coach

4.  She has excellent people skills

5.  She is a great networker and is a successful business person but still makes time for her health and fitness:)

1. What was your life like before training ?

I didn’t have the energy I had 5-10 years ago.  I didn’t have motivation to be better.

2. What were you skeptical about before joining?

I was never skeptical about joining.

3. What SPECIFIC results did you achieve?

I had a diagnosis of Osteoporosis in May 2009.  In one year I have increased my bone density to Osteopenia (low bone density).  Another benefit from working with Jeremy, my cholesterol went down 23 points.

4. What’s your life like now?

I have my energy back.  I feel great!

Working with Jeremy and being in his Boot Camps has been motivating, fun and the Best decision I made!


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Jumping with 175 – 225 lbs of pressure using bands!!

For most campers and fitness enthusiasts the “Total Fitness Package is Best”

The more advanced the thicker the band and if you are an athlete you can pick the package right for you!

The Problem With Fitness??

Now for those that know me best understand I am not saying people should not workout.

I am however saying there are some things to keep in mind.

1.  Adequate recovery is just as important as the workout.


2.  You must believe you can accomplish whatever goal you want and those goals should be challenging but realistic.


3.  Being fit and healthy is 100% nutrition and 100% fitness.  If it was 90% nutrition then I could just sit all day and eat healthy which would be better than doing neither but the truth is both are equally important in my opinion.


4.  I would rather someone workout twice a week with gradual progression versus someone who loses 30lbs in three months and stops forever.


5.  Everyone should have a basic understanding between anaerobic and aerobic exercise.  After this then base your goals on that.


6.  Please do more than only run!  Work on other training modalities and programs.


7.  Get support from the right people and show those that think you can’t or won’t do it… You will!


8.  If you have bought some legitimate devices from an infomercial use them.


9.  There is not magic pill if there is please let me in on it.


10.  Do not buy into the myths of fitness such as “high reps tone”, “crunches get rid of stomach fat”, “do not eat after x time”, “women get bulky from weights”, and so on.


Your Express Fitness Coach,

Jeremy Belter

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Below are the answers to an  anonymous survey given to Express Fitness Campers about the myths of fitness!!!


What is the number one myth you have learned about fitness versus what you have now learned as the truth?

“1. That I have to work out for long periods of time.

2. Long periods of moderate cardio is not good, no matter how many calories it says you burned.

3. How to eat better and what to eat in order to be the greatest shape that I could be in.

4. you can’t spot reduce and what you put in your mouth is just as important as what excersize you do

5. There is no magic pill and not all diets work for everyone.

6. eat more protein

7. I’ve learned that high intensity workout with strength training is more effective at burning fat versus cardio alone.

8. cardio alone won’t work for weight/fat loss

9. That lengthy cardio isn’t that helpful. ”

I would love to hear your comments on this!

Your Express Fitness Coach,

Jeremy Belter


Anaerobic Versus Aerobic Exercise

The debate is ongoing and misunderstood!

There are some points that need to be made.

1.  The harder you work the more recovery you need.

2.  You cannot go high intensity for long periods of times.

3.  You can go low intensity for long period periods of times.

4.  You cannot become an elite marathon runner and an elite sprinter.

5.  Training to be great at marathons takes much longer work periods but might be easier in the long run.

6.  Most people want a balance of both and this can most effectively done through a solid fitness boot camp protocol.

7.  Most busy people should train with progressive intensity more like a sprinter mainly because of time constraints.

For another great link on this go click below!



Now with two times here are some workouts and some

testimonials from Express Fitness Camps in New Berlin, WI.

Goal Setting

When it comes to fitness and life in general goal setting is crucial. So many people today do not have goals, have lost track of their goals, or just simply do not know how to set goals. I sit down with people and go over goals on a regular basis and here are 5 bad goals and then I will write down 5 great goals.

1. I want to lose weight
2. I want to get stronger
3. I would like to make more money
4. I want to be healthy

Here are goals that follow the same lines as the one above with much better clarity and focus.

1. I am going to lose 20lbs in 3 months through proper nutrition and exercise.
2. I will be able to do 10 push ups on my toes with perfect form in three months.
3. I will increase my net income by 20% by the end of this year
4. In the next six months I will decrease my body fat percentage by 6% and will drop at least two pant sizes. I will double my strength and learn 3 new techniques for managing stress and then follow through with them. I am going to exercise 2-4 times per week for the rest of my life with continual improvement.

These are just a few examples and do not represent any specific person. Here are some important guidelines for your goals.

1. Write them down
2. Be specific and make some challenging and some easy
3. Make them attainable.
4. Write them in a positive way
5. Update them and look at them on a regular basis
6. Make them important to you (making a sculpture would not inspire me changing peoples lives through fitness is much more inspiring to me)
7. Action is most important (you can want to get in great shape but if you do not exercise it will not happen)
8. Make the process fun and learn from your mistake

Stressful Lives

Recently a bunch of people I know have had some very stressful situations, and I hope and pray that everything works out for them. Here is what I want to say about stress:

1. Everyone has different types of stress.
2. Always control what you can and know when you cannot control something
3. We cannot avoid stress it is how we manage it
4. Exercise reduces stress

For a medical view on stress you can go here

For tips to reduce stress go here

To your fitness and life success,


Published Article

The Metabolic Secret Unfolded

By Jeremy Belter

In today’s world there is much confusion regarding PROPER weight loss and metabolism. The right way to lose weight is to increase your metabolism and not slow it down. In fact, when I ask people how do you increase your metabolism, I get an answer like exercise and diet. What if I told you that you can slow down your metabolic rate through this avenue? Yes without a proper nutrition and exercise program you might lose weight but you may not be increasing your long term metabolic rate. Let’s discuss how to increase metabolism and avoid the yo-yo effect caused by weight loss and weight gain.

First, have you ever known someone that can eat all the time and stay lean, but someone else eats only a few times a day and gains weight? That’s because one of the most important factors to increase your metabolism is gaining or at least maintaining muscle mass. What does this mean for someone who wants to lose weight? A weight loss program must entail weight training to increase or maintain a person’s metabolic rate. Also, when you weight train your metabolism continues far after the session is finished and this great for long term fat loss. The best way to lose fat is to increase the muscle mass so that you can burn the fat. This leads me to my second point, nutrition.

Nutrition is so crucial to speed up your metabolic rate. The issues that come up over and over again is eating to little or eating to much, but even more important is not eating often enough. When a person eats often their hunger is controlled, the body is fueled for energy, they do not lose muscle, blood sugar levels are regulated, and when done long term fat is lost through an increase in your metabolism. But many people are not hungry every few hours so their intuition tells them to not eat. The problem is people are not hungry every two to three hours mainly because they are not used to eating this way, and because their metabolic rate has slowed and will continue to slow down. Solution – Eat every two to three hours any ways!

Thirdly is that many people believe that cardio is the only way to lose fat. When a person does cardio they will burn calories but depending on the exercise program and nutritional intake the person may not increase there metabolic rate in the long term. No it takes a holistic approach of proper strength training, proper cardio and proper nutrition to increase metabolism and to keep the weight off long term.

Finally a long term approach of consistent exercise, small but continuous nutritional changes, and incremental lifestyle changes works the best. An increase in your metabolism means that you can burn fat even while sitting around and although challenging it can be done.

Here are some tips to increasing your metabolism:

  • Eat every few hours with a focus on 5 or more meals per day
  • When in a rush concentrate on getting a quality meal replacement bar, shakes, or other healthy snacks
  • Focus on protein (without the fat) intake along with fruits and vegetables
  • Eat a healthy breakfast with carbohydrates and protein every day this starts the metabolism for the day
  • Focus on getting stronger through weight training
  • Understand that losing weight through increased metabolism takes time, hard work, dedication, and planning
  • Do not diet because dieting leads to a decreased metabolic rate instead focus on healthy nutritional and exercise changes

You can change your metabolism as you can see from the facts outlined above. Increasing your metabolism takes consistency, focus and a commitment to nutritional and lifestyle changes. This is a lifestyle not a diet!

http://www.fitness-nutrition-weightloss.com/the-metabolic-secret-unfolded.html is where the article is published

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

I am asked what supplements to take and here is the answer. In my opinion everyone should take a good quality multivitamin. Fish oil pills and a pre and post workout out drink if the are working out. All of these products can be ordered online through a company I endorse. Here is that link

On the other hand not all supplements are for everyone and I also take a variety of other nutritional supplements. Everyone does have different needs contingent upon different factors.

To a nutritious life,


Diets Galore

Today there are so many diets. Everywhere you look there is a new trick, idea, and magic something. There are even diet program that are like cults. One in particular has become very powerful and I was frightened when someone told me their story about “diet” that is indeed an occult. Yes it is a subtle cult where people are lured to thinking that starvation is the answer. STARVING IS NOT THE ANSWER to long term weight loss and fitness success. So what is the TRUTH? Here are some keys to a healthy nutritional lifestyle

1. A focus on moderation not deprivation
2. A focus on healthy nutritional foods (fruits, veggies, lean protein)
3. Exercise and an understanding of metabolism
4. A focus on the percentage of fat to muscle ratio more than weight
5. a focus on physical fitness
6. A focus on lifestyle changes not a quick fix
7. A plan that can fit into a reasonable lifestyle

These are just of the few points that I believe in. When thinking about nutrition and permanent weight loss, I believe athletes should be recognized. Muscle needs fuel and your body needs energy. Food then should be looked at for energy, fuel, and maximizing muscle and minimizing fat. Please stay away from starving and focus on moderation.

To a healthy nutritional lifestyle,


Giving Back

I believe in the law of reciprocity and I believe in giving back. Many fitness people are working together to give back. The team is working together to sell fitness and nutrition products on the web. The first one is called 7 Minute Muscle and the second one is called Simply Eat

The Lemonade Diet

You have to be kidding me! There are so many quick fixes out there and let me tell you most are detrimental. If you starve the body you will lose weight but only temporarily. Food should be used as fuel, for energy, for building lean muscle tissue, and for health. All these quick fix, fad diets have caused serious problems. Please stay clear of them

To healthy nutrition,