Fitness Facts From The Trenches With Steve Long

When it comes to fitness most people think that killer workouts are all that matter.

This is not true especially if  movement is inefficient and progression is not present.

This leads into an interview I did with Steve Long who is the owner of


Steve Long

The audio is below but if you just want the main points here they are!

1.  Use corrective exercise and focus on proper movement

2.  Focus on recovery techniques to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury

3.  Progression in exercise movements is the most important thing in any exercise program…. not just feeling tired.  In fact feeling tired might be an indication of a poor workout.

4.   Shoot for the “90/10” rule until you reach your goals.

5.   High Intensity training is great but low intensity should be implemented as well.

Such as walking, band stretching, yoga, swimming, foam rolling and other recover things.


77.7 Fitness Tips

77.7 Tips, Tricks, Ideas and Principles to Get Fit, Lose Fat, Become Healthier, and Never Worry About Gaining Fat Again!!

1.  Have the proper mindset.  Click the banner below if you do not have the correct mindset.  Look for his products on weight loss or fitness.

 2.  Focus on long term gradual improvements.

3.  Get Stronger and Faster.

4.  Remember being fit does not just mean being able to run slow for a long time.  In fact many would argue this could make you unfit and unhealthy.

5.  Most people need to eat more fruits and veggies

6.  Learn how to exercise with body weight (hint not walking on a treadmill).

7.  Learn how to exercise with bands.

8.  Get plenty of sleep about 7-8 hours a night.

9.  Do not do marathon workouts.  Personally I like 10-40 minutes at most but usually stay within 30 minutes.

10.  Be focused on improving in every workout.

11.  Take time off and train based on your goals.

12.  Understand that the harder you workout the more recovery you will often need.

13.  Keep it simple.

14.  Have fun.

15.  Set goals that are challenging, realistic, motivating, and time orientated.

16.  Visualize your goals and once you reach them….. then visualize new goals.

17.  Limit junk food and alcohol.

18.  Drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water.

19.  Understand your caloric needs for your goals.

20.  Do Eischens Yoga

21.  Hire the right people to help you.

22.  Find those that support you.  Hint if people do not support your goals it will be very difficult and you must get support from professionals.

23.  Never Give Up.

24.  Have Faith that success is guaranteed.

25.  Let others know what is working for you.

26.  Think like an athlete.

27.  Think like a Fitness Professional.

28.  Get rid of all excuses.

29.  Learn how to use foam roller:  The Grid

30.  Stop steady state cardio and focus on interval training
31.  Use this music to increase results instantly.
32.  Take pictures to track results
33.  Train for a specific purpose especially for strength, power and so on.  Many of my campers want to be able to do pull ups again or for the first time.  This is a great goal!
34.  Get adequate protein
35.  Focus on whole foods
36.  Eat based on your goals
37.  Train hard recover properly.
38.  Take vacations
39.  Pray, meditate, and relax.
40.  Change up your programs but not all the time
41.  Stick to a plan if it is working
42.  Never give up
43,  Read and learn from those you want to be like
44.  Make fitness a priority
45.  Your health is up to you not anyone else
46.  Be held accountable
47.  Focus on long term results not short term fake results.  An example would be someone loses 20 lbs in a month only to gain more back in a year.
49.  Take a pre-workout drink
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50.  Take a Multi-Vitamin
 Men’s and Women’s VGF Free Trial url:
51.  Your children should take one as well:)
Children’s Vitamin Free Trial url:
52.  Sign up for a free newsletter here54.  Have fun in your workouts
53.  Free google groups with insider information
55.  Challenge yourself

56.  Ask yourself what is the goal for this workout?

57.  Remember food is for energy, to feel full, to become stronger, and to improve performance

58.  Have some reward meals or days depending on your goals

59.  Do not always stay at a caloric deficit

60.  Learn about zig zag nutrition

61.  Educate yourself but DO NOT jump around from program to program… keep it simple

62.  Chose one of these to help your efforts     

 “Image” “Image”

 63.  Be patient but work like you are not

64.  Learn proper form for all exercises

65.  Do band stretching with the bands above

66.  Never let someone tell you can’t do something

67.  Working out two or three times a week with gradual improvements is better than working out every day with no improvements.

68.  Get these free gifts below


 69.  Eat good fats

70.  Smile and laugh

71.  Do not worry or at least minimize it

72.  Forgive others always

73.  Use different tools for fitness

74.  Enter challenges

75.  Follow me on social media and!/jeremybelter

76.  Track progress not just on the scale.

77.  Develop a positive sense of who you are and how you look in the mirror.  Do not talk negative about yourself!

Hope these help you on your journey,


PS  I almost forgot number 77.7 is be active on this blog and post comments:)


Being a fitness professional there are three main reasons I see why people fail to change their bodies

1. Not changing their nutritional lifestyle. Remember lifestyle changes can take time and for some it comes much faster than others, but always focus on your goal.

2. Not pushing and challenging themselves in their workouts. If you have been walking for years and not seeing the results you want then you must increase intensity levels!

3. Not believing you can change and not making a commitment to change.

So Jeremy what can I do?

Learn about nutrition, seek out those that can help including fitness professionals, nutrition professionals, and anybody else that can help. Make a commitment that you will stick with this new lifestyle but if you slip up then start again tomorrow. Learn how to set goals and do not let anyone stop you from these goals. Find those that support you and learn from them.

Yours in fitness


Superior Fitness Training

There are so many beliefs on the “right” way to train. In general the “right” way depends mainly on your goals. Trust me an elite marathon runner trains different then a professional linebacker in football. But both are great athletes in their own way. With that being said I believe for most people, if not all, some variation of the Conjugate Method is best. The Conjugate Method is training different types of strength all the time. This method is best because

1. It keeps thing fresh and new all the time
2. Unlike the standard methods used you can keep improving in all areas of strength
3. You focus on all different reps, sets, weights, and tempo every day versus doing a month or more of the same reps and sets.
4. Some of the best athletes have been using this model with superior results

The only person that may benefit is absolute beginners. They just need a base of conditioning and learning first. For more information please type in Conjugate Periodization in Google.

yours in fitness,


Think and Get Fit

From experience there are some distinct differences between how the fit think and how the unfit think when it comes to fitness. A few examples, in no particular, order are

– the fit think differently about food
– the fit know when and how to recover from exercise
– the fit know what intense exercise entails
– the fit understand specific measurable goals
– the fit know they will reach their fitness goals not if they will

Basically, their entire psychology (when it comes to fitness) is different between the two groups. This is not to say they are unsuccessful in other areas. In fact many times they are very successful in a lots of areas. On the other hand, when you take the same person and they become more fit their lives are enhanced.

Think Fit,


The Science of Fitness

Last night my wife and I watched Sports Science. A show I highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn about the human body. This particular episode was “the worlds strongest men” They did amazing things but ironically their bodies showed little stress. Here are some examples:

1. A man was pulling a semi and his breathing was constant. His heart rate did not sky rocket. You and I know that when we carry something heavy are heart rate sky rockets but his did not because of his conditioning.

2. One guy broke cement with his head and there was very little to no impact to his brain. Both men and women lose bone density as we age if we do not do weight bearing activities. On the other hand, if we do we can increase bone density at any age so start now.

3. In almost all cases it looked so easy for them and in one case a nail accidentally went through one man’s hand and he did not appear hurt. This shows his pain tolerance but for us it reminds us to use proper form and to gradually increase intensity. Many people do not know when to increase intensity without getting hurt.

4. Most people would sustain serious or life threatening injuries. Again lifting weights improves are abilities to withstand everyday demands.

How is the possible?

1. With consistent training these participants have increased their bone density even in the skull. Their bones become less likely to break. As we age the best way to increase and maintain bone density is through consistent and incremental improvements in weight bearing activities.

2. With consistent training their muscles become powerful, strong and improve functionality. Most people cannot get to these levels nor would they want to. On the other hand, everyone can function day to day and improve their bodies.

3. Your body and mind adapt to what is done with it. So exercise both the mind and body and push yourselves so that quality of life remains great.

How does this relate to me?

1. Training improves conditioning and strength.

2. Training improves functionality.

3. Training improves bone density.

Obviously these men have been training for years at the highest levels, but everyone can learn from them. No matter who you are, you can improve your functional strength. You can improve for the future so you can have a higher quality of life even into old age. Finally, remember now is the best time to start.

To your fitness,


Client Success

Today I want to talk about some of the success clients have had. I have had people double, triple or even quadruple in strength. One lady lost 35 inches throughout her whole body in a matter of months. Another client lost over 40lbs and went from a size 14 to about a 4. Several clients mentioned that they are the strongest they have ever been while training with me. I am challenging but when you get done with a workout it feels like you have accomplished something. Gradual consistent improvement leads to long term success.

To your success,


Ab Fat

I am constantly asked “how do I get rid of ab fat?” The answer that I give has always been a combination of intense intervals, strength and proper nutrition.

Exercise should gradually increase in intensity especially in strength and speed. It takes commitment, dedication, hard work and consistency. This is one reason why I recommend Professionals to help you.

To your fit body,


The Magic Solution

I am always asked what is the solution for fat loss especially in the midsection. Well the truth is I have the Magic Solution

1. Proper nutrition
2. Build lean muscle tissue
3. Incremental increase in strength and endurance
4. Consistent and continuous effort

There you have the Magic Solution to your long term weight loss efforts. By the way talking about it is much easier than the follow through. If you want some ideas about nutrition you can go to a company I endorse here

To a tone and lean body,


The Abs Myth

Myth – Crunches and other ab work gets rid of ab fat.

Fact – The fact is you need to get rid of fat in your whole body. You can never get rid of fat in one area. This is knows as spot reducing. Ab work strengthens the muscles but does not magically make fat disappear. You must follow the fitness triangle. The fitness triangle is cardio, strength training, and nutrition.

Myth – Long bouts of cardio is best for LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS

Fact – Consistent gradual lifelong improvements in strength, interval training and nutritional lifestyle changes are the keys to long term weight loss.

To gradual improvements,


Controversial Topic

Is being fat genetic? Nope, sorry! Ok maybe 1-5% I am always amazed at the slow metabolism myth or the genetic myth. The truth is that obesity is an environmental influence. Even Mayo states clinic states “A low metabolic rate is unlikely to cause obesity.”

Causation versus correlation is what is important here. Example if someone notices an obese child and also obese parents, that person might say “they have bad genes.” What is the reality and truth though? Most of the time being overweight is a person’s environment not their genetics. Just because there is a correlation among overweight parents and overweight children does not mean genetics causes them to be overweight.

In my opinion, environment and how we treat the body is the number one cause of obesity. Trust me I understand how environment can influence a person’s health. If you went to college and had “environmental fun” you know what I am talking about:)

The great news is we can control our environment. We can control how we treat our bodies and most importantly we can look and feel great.

To a great environment,


The Pumpkin Workout

Today the boot camp workout was done with pumpkins. Sort of funny but effective! What you use for resistance is not always relevant. The ladies not only got a great workout, they received a pumpkin as well. If you do a Google search for pumpkin workouts you will find this is a great way to workout.

To your success,



Fitness Boot Camps are growing at a rapid pace in the fitness industry. They have so many great attributes such as low investment and high return on results. They provide expert leadership with a social aspect but at the same time are great workouts.

On the other hand, boot camps can have a downside. Many fitness instructors want to start and run a boot camp without having the necessary skills to do so. Here are 10 tips to a safe and effective boot camp:

The Top 10 Boot Camp Safety Checklist

1.) The Instructor(s) Must Be Certified With Nationally Recognized Institution. If the person only has to pay for a certification you might want to stay clear. This can be an issue of safety.

2.) The Instructor must know what it takes to be in good shape and in some cases they might be out of shape. The best fitness professionals have the knowledge but also follow through with actions. Most people want to take advice from people who are in great shape.

3.) The instructor must make the exercises appropriate for all levels. The more fit you are the more advanced the exercises should be. The less fit you are the less advanced the exercises should be. There is always a modification and the instructor should know of plenty. If they cannot you should leave the class.

4.) The Instructor should be available for questions before and after class. This is important to determining the individuals’ needs and wants. Focus on a professional that cares about you and the group combined.

5.) The program should emphasize body weight exercise with a progression to weight training exercises. There should be a great focus on form first and foremost. Exercises need to be mastered before an instructor increases intensity levels. A red flag should be raised if you are being instructed to add weight to a movement that you have yet to master with your body weight alone. This will lead to injury!

6.) The training system must focus on interval training body weight exercise and cardiovascular intervals as well. High-Intensity Interval Training is scientifically proven to burn 9x more fat than the aerobic training alternative, so it is critical that both the resistance training AND cardio programs provided incorporate intervals since the goal for most people is fat loss. Most people want an athletic lean look and this is accomplished through circuit training of varying intensity levels. The best fitness professionals can create workouts with little to no resistance except the body.

7.) The program must have a sound nutritional plan. The instructor should be adamant about you following this nutritional plan but it should not be a fad diet. The plan should focus on healthy nutrition not some dieting tricks. It should provide both nutrition guides for Males and Females.

8.) The program should have a website along with an interactive community for everyone to be a part of. Bottom line, if the boot camp program in question does not have a website in this day in age it is not worth your time and money. There are fitness professionals that do not treat this as a business but it is. You want support from others what better way then having a community that is all in this together. There are so many free communities out there today so the instructor should have an online social community.

9.) The program should have testimonials of all sorts. Their previous clients should have results and be raving about all of the benefits that they have received from the program. Ask for before and after pictures and written or video testimonials of their services before signing up. And remember, it’s NOT just about the weight loss. Benefits should include, but not be limited to, increased energy levels, dress/pant size reduction, improved health profiles, increased strength and flexibility, less joint pain, etc.

10.) There should be a free trial of some sort. Many of the most successful camps do this. Why? Because they are confident in what they offer and the benefits it will have for you!


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