The Problem With Fitness Marketing

Below is a question I asked in a survey awhile back.

If you could change one thing about the fitness/weight loss industry what would it be?
“Ban advertising of magic fixes

Getting out a message that people would want to get involved with.Not unreal ads.Telling people that it takes hard work ,commitment,ect.

Everbody […] Continue Reading…

Getting Over A Fitness Plateau

1.  Exercise Less or More
When it comes fitness progression is key.  Many times exercising less can be the answer because intensity can be increased and recovery can be improved.  On the other hand, an increase in volume can help improve as well.  If you have been training for a […] Continue Reading…

Supplements Worth A Look

1.  BCAA Branched-Chain Amino Acids.
Now this is not a new supplement or anything like that.

What are Branched-Chain Amino Acids?

They are essential amino acids Luecine, Isoluecine, and Valine make up the BCAA profile.

Who can potentially benefit from them?

Anyone in any type of fitness or sports program
Anyone lowering their calories to lose […] Continue Reading…

American Ninja Warrior Training

I am training for American Ninja Warrior.
Here are some things that I believe need to be a focus when training for this type of competition.
1.  Really focusing on grip strength.
Many of the successful warriors have great grip strength especially per pound of body weight.  I was really impressed with […] Continue Reading…

The Perfect Diet?

I want to start of by saying that there is not such thing as a perfect diet.

So what diet is best and how should a person eat?

Here are some guidelines that I have noticed throughout the years.

1.  The best nutrition plan is individual to you and to your goals.
Let […] Continue Reading…

5 Advanced Bodyweight Movements

Below are five advanced bodyweight movements that can be used for better fitness and or athleticism.

These should be done in a progressive manner and should not be practiced if someone is not ready for them.

For example if a person is unable to do a full body squat with both […] Continue Reading…

Subtle Yet Crucial Performance and Fat Loss Concepts

When it comes to performance and weight loss the focus is usually on quick but temporary changes.
Below are five subtle yet crucial performance and long term fat loss techniques.
1.  Monitor workout recovery and intensity
This is so important for long term performance and fat loss.  I am constantly asked “What […] Continue Reading…

10 Truths You Can Learn From The Fitness Career

The fitness business is changing rapidly.

Despite fitness being around forever the business of fitness  is still in its infancy.

With several years experience and many observations here are some things I have learned.
1. You cannot make other people change they have to want to change.
There are times in my life […] Continue Reading…

What Men can Learn from Women in Fitness- by Jeremy Scott

In my life I have learned a lot from women, the typical domestic things from Mom the cooking, cleaning,and laundry. I have also learned a lot from various women over the past few years when it comes to proper strength training, nutrition, and observing the things women do better […] Continue Reading…

Express Fitness/Fitness Revolution Testimonial

What was one obstacle that might have stopped you from starting in Express Fitness?

The main obstacle that would have prevented me from investing in bootcamps is cost. I use to think all working out was equal. Thus, why would I pay X number of dollars for bootcamp when I […] Continue Reading…