40 Years Old and 40 Lessons Along The Way


Recently it was my 40th Birthday.  My wife surprised me with 40 people giving me gifts, letters, and cards.  It was a surprise and literally the best birthday ever.  Thank you, Melissa.  As a gift back to all of you.  Please read and see what I might have learned along this journey.  I hope you can glean a little wisdom from this.


Throughout my life, there has been tough times and good times.  There has been successes and failures.  One thing is certain this life is an awesome journey and we all have limited time.

40 years old and here is what I have learned.  Which is your favorite?

  1. These four questions are key to your philosophy. What are you here for?  How did you get here?  Where are you going if anywhere after we die? Is there a God?
  2. Knowledge is not power but correct knowledge with correct action is power
  3. Being kind goes a long way
  4. Being a leader means doing the tough things and doing the right things when people are not watching
  5. Imperfect action is better than no action or taking to long
  6. Service for others is the key to business success or possibly any success for that matter
  7. “Love your neighbor as yourself” Bible
  8. In marriage do your best to put the other person first always
  9. True love is a commitment
  10. Being a good steward of our gifts and talents is advisable no matter how much or little a person has
  11. If you want to great at something or you want to achieve something…. mimic, learn, and be mentored from someone that has already done it
  12. A strong team can do exponentially more than 1 person
  13. The sooner that health and fitness become a priority the less likely it will be forced upon someone as a priority
  14. Having a strong personal, ethical vision and mission can be transformational
  15. Believe in yourself with the help of others
  16. Humbleness is not the opposite of confidence, in fact, I think it is being confident
  17. Get physically strong and more fit but do it slowly and safely
  18. Jesus could have been the most controversial person ever.
  19. The Bible is the best book ever written in my opinion
  20. Listening is an amazing, underrated, gift that anyone can get better at
  21. Actions speak louder than words
  22. Asking for help is wise, not weak
  23. Seeking the truth is worthwhile endeavor
  24. Maximizing our potential is success but I am not sure if anyone has ever maximized their potential… Well, maybe one person but that is an entirely philosophical question.  We might want to strive for perfection and become excellent in the process.
  25. The book of Proverbs in the Bible is a great book on how to live your life
  26. Listening to educational audio in your car is a great way to be educated
  27. Take notes it almost always helps remember
  28. Learn from the past, live in the presence, strive for a better future
  29. Everything happens for a reason it is how you react to it that is important
  30. Praying for yourself is great but so is praying for others
  31. Develop and write down your core values
  32. Encourage others, give compliments, and be a leader
  33. Trust is built over time
  34. If you want to get great at something practice harder and better until you are great at it
  35. Shooting buckets outside in rural Minnesota is cold in the middle of winter
  36. Entrepreneurship can be challenging but also very impactful
  37. We can never manage time we can only manage our lives
  38. Most things including technology is neither good or evil it is how we use or misuse it
  39. Never give up but maybe shift plans
  40. Live and leave a legacy begins each day. It is not just about the things you leave behind.  It is about the person you become, your faith, your impact, your philosophy, and the people you helped along the journey.  It is about your family, your community, and the love you show to others.  It is about the memories and obstacles you overcome and the emotions you experienced.  My recommendation is write down what you want your legacy to be with the end in mind.

Comment and share which is your favorite?