You Have No Time For Fitness? 3 Solutions!

I hear it all the time:)

“I just do not have time for fitness.”

I understand the dilemma but this leads me to a story.

I have trained all types of people in my career.

One person in particular always stuck out.

She said she was so busy but when I asked her about her day it was not busy.

Without going into details and ruining confidentiality it really was not busy at all but she thought it was.

Basically our lives are busy but if you can carve out just an hour a week it can make all the difference.

This leads to the first solution.

1.  Workout Time that is best for you is when you will workout and it should be a priority.

I would not worry so much about night time versus morning…. instead know yourself.  Know your patterns and when you are most apt to get in a workout no matter what time of day that is.

2.  Workout more effeciently but with shorts amount of time.

A good 10-20  minute workout can trump many longer workouts for a variety of reasons.  The ten to 20 minutes will be worth it.

3.  Finally and most importantly get it in the schedule.  

The more discipline a schedule is the more likely you are to not make excuses.  In fact I think that a good fitness program has huge value based on the accountability of a group time slot.   If you want to save time for your workout check out is a marketplace for micro jobs and transactions built on trust and reputation, learn more about this Milwaukee startup at:  So you can delegate those things you do not want to do so you can have more time to workout.

Are YOU Waisting YOUR Time on Fitness?

Hopefully I have your attention at this point!

Many people believe time is there most important commodity.

I know that time is limited which makes it even more valuable.

So what does this have to do with fitness?

Almost every day I see people waist their time when it comes to fitness!

Why would you want to do this?

The truth is time should be used to your advantage and your workouts should be fast and effective.

There are so many people spending time on slow, unproductive workouts.

When the TRUTH is they could see double the results in about half the time!

I challenge you to make the most of  YOUR VALUABLE TIME when you workout.


Jeremy Belter